Top 5 Baseball Players playing now that are NOT on your favorite Team!

Welcome to another day and another list! Today’s topic is “Top 5 baseball players that you like that are not on your favorite team”. In honor of the All-Star game rosters and home run derby contestants that were announced, I figure this would be a fun list to make. Baseball has always been my favorite sport. Ever since the days of Kirby Puckett, with those stubby little legs, chasing down that ball in Game 6 of the ’91 World Series and then blasting that game 6 home run. Baseball is a sport I will undoubtedly reference many times as this site moves forward. For this list, lets try to keep it to people that are currently playing. This is our first sports themed Top 5, enjoy!

I am pleased to introduce Stu as today’s guest lister.

Stu and I met back in the 4th grade. We actually had to be moved on the first day because we talked so much. He is the reason why I love talking in lists so much, because he generally likes to do it as well. We have lists saved from back in our college days. Usually we do top 10’s, so this exorcise was probably pretty hard for him (and me). Anyway, here is what he came up with for top 5 list of baseball players not on his favorite team (the Twins/Brewers):

1. Clayton Kershaw– As you recall, I was high on Kershaw before the 2011 season and went out of my way to make bold predictions for him (Stu bet me that Kershaw would have better numbers than Tim Lincecum last year. Kershaw beat Lincecum 4 times heads up, and ended up winning the Cy Young. I lost that wager), and acquire him in a trade. I love watching him pitch, and it is always accompanied by Vin Scully, which makes it all the better. My favorite aspect of the game has been and always will be pitching, and his pinpoint control makes him my favorite player.

Clayton Kershaw

2. Johan Santana– Surely needs no explanation. Could watch clips of hitters whiffing at his changeup down in the dirt all day, no exaggeration. Great memories of him as a Twin, still love watching him toss for the Mets. No hitter earlier this year was just a blast to watch.

Johan Santana

3. Justin Verlander – The clip of him on Conan talking about how he eats a full mean of Taco Bell before every start he makes vaults him into the top 5 automatically. Most impressive thing about Verlander is when he gets stronger as the game goes. Tops 100 mph in the 9th inning. Filthy stuff.

4. Joey Votto– 32 doubles this year already. Just a great all around hitter. He hits opposite field with power as well as anyone in baseball.

Joey Votto

5. Evan Longoria– He’s fun to watch play. That walkoff homerun to send them into the post season last year was probably the highlight of the season last year along with Freese’s heroics in the world series. The rays are fun to watch, and Longo still looks like he hasn’t figured it all out at the plate, and when he does, might end up winning some batting titles.

Evan Longoria

These guys came up a Rozin bag short of the top 5, but deserve honorable mention.

Adam Jones, Starlin Castro, Andrew McCutchen, Jason Kubel, David Price


My list for top 5 baseball players that are not on my favorite team (the Twins) is as follows:

1. Justin Verlander – Much like Stu said, This guy has amazing stuff. The fact that he gets better and can throw harder in the 9thinning is just really really cool. But it is also the off the field antics that make me love him. The Taco Bell clip is great, but so is the clip of him lighting his teammates sock on fire. He had a great commercial out with Justin Morneau of the Twins as well. And he seems like a good guy. He is example A of a pitcher that learned how to actually PITCH instead of just throw.

Justin Verlander

2. Johan Santana – My favorite pitcher still just to watch. He was out all of last year with shoulder surgery, and he came back and threw the first Met’s no hitter in history. His circle change up would be the one pitch I would throw if I could pick a pitch to mimic. He also has some funny commercials out there.

3. Andrew McCutchin– Some youth. I clearly admire pitching like Stu does as evidence of my top 2, but the rest of my list will be hitters. There are a couple hitters where I need to change feeds on the to make sure I get to watch swing lumber. Andrew McCutchin is one such player. He is a 5 tool player (perfect for the Top 5) which means he can run with speed, throw with power and accuracy, hit for power, hit for average, and field his position. Basically, he does it all. And he is a ton of fun to watch do it.

Andrew McCutchin

4. David Wright– Any of you that know me know that I am a sucker for On Base Percentage (OBP). Basically, instead of measuring someone’s batting average that only takes into account hits, the OBP stat takes into account any way you reach base. David Wright (currently as I write this) stands at .452. It is almost a fair bet that this guy will reach base two times per game! Only Joey Votto has a higher OBP. David Wright also has a sweet swing and can make some brilliant plays in the field.

David Wright

5. Miguel Cabrera– Wow, two Tigers made my list. I guess I am just sick of watching them kill the Twins. But Miguel Cabrera is a masher. All he does is hit. He hits singles, doubles, home runs all day and every day. He has one of the smoothest strokes in the game today, rarely gets cheated at the dish, and sometimes you just throw your hands up and wish he would strike out. He is one of the players you admire until he plays your team because he never gets out. A true talent in today’s game.

Miguel Cabrera

Full Disclosure: If Matt Kemp of the Dodgers was currently playing, he would have found a way onto my list. But he is currently hurt so the nod goes to the healthy guys.

Those are the Top 5’s for both Stu and me. Please join in with your own top 5! Post it below. Make sure to mention your favorite team though before listing your players! Thanks for joining and we will have a new list for you tomorrow!

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  1. jumpingpolarbear

     /  July 3, 2012

    Baseball players hardly brake a sweat. A lot of skill involved though!

  2. Paul

     /  July 3, 2012

    Brewers are my favorite team:
    Verlander- no hit potential every night. Makes him entertaining every start.
    Jeter- the guy does it right. The guy is 50 and still gets 200 hits a year.
    Cabrera- he is on my fantasy team. ’nuff said.
    Youkilis- not good at baseball but he makes me laugh every time i see and hear about him.,6873/ and,20894/
    Fielder- got a soft spot in my heart for the big fella. He is a constant reminder that you don’t have to be in shape or athletic to be successful at baseball; that is comforting to a terrible athlete.

  3. Ryan

     /  July 3, 2012

    It’s a tough list to make, especially when there are so many positions in baseball that help win a game. My list. as a Brewer fan…

    1) Robinson Cano – One of the best hitters in baseball, whether it’s for contact or power. A beautiful swing, an even better glove, and the best thing about it? He plays 2B. Get past the Yankee hate and he’s by far my favorite player. Especially after last years Father/Son HR derby.

    2) Matt Kemp – Another great bat, but the thing I love most about him is attitude. The guy wants to be the best, and if it wasn’t for his hamstring this year, we might be talking about a 50/50 season. Factor in a pitchers park and a team in Limbo after last years owners mess and you can’t help but feel bad for him. Until you remember he dated Rhianna. Makes the top 5 on that alone.

    3) Justin Verlander – Like others have said, the guy throws gas. Constantly. Not one team who wouldn’t want this horse on their squad, myself included.

    4) Clayton Kershaw – Just like Verlander, the south paw from LA brings it every time he takes the mound. An outstanding curveball and slider on top of a mid 90’s fastball accompanied by passion and emotion that no other pitcher wears on his sleeve. One Cy Young down, many more to come.

    5) Brian Wilson – No, I’m not doing it for the beard. Yes, relief pitchers will get no love here (or anywhere) but seldom do you see a player that can entertain both fans and non-fans and Wilson can do just that. Just a shame he won’t be able to excite the Giant fans this season. GOT HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMM or The Machine. Either way he wins.

  4. 1. Albert Pujols – Easy. The most consistently great hitter of this millennium. Always wanted to be a fan, and now that he’s on my city’s team that’s in another city, I can be.
    2. Clayton Kershaw – I don’t think I can be any more eloquent than Stu.
    3. Troy Tulowizki – My favorite all around baseball player on the list. There isn’t a part of his game that falls short. I like athletes, Paul, and Troy is an athlete.
    4. Andre Ethier – I’ll pull the underrated card on this. Ethier has been a quieter force for the Dodgers and has been the guy gettin’ it done through the team’s good times and bad.
    5. Coco Crisp – His name is Coco Crisp.

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    Relive this MLB players list that produced 2 no hitters and a triple crown winner!

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