Top 5 favorite Superheroes!

Today’s top 5 list is “favorite Superheroes”. Superheroes have made a huge resurgence in movies these days, but they have always been around in comic books. Well, maybe not always, but the first image of Superman dates back to about 1938. Since then, there have been a wide array of types of Superheroes and even more villains for those heroes to conquer.  Heroes usually have some special powers, a moral code they follow and a secret identity. Although your Dad might be the superhero of your life, let’s stick to the more traditional sense of Superhero for this list.

Our guest lister today to tackle this is a comic book loving man from Wisconsin who has transplanted to Los Angeles. Mike Heyer is one of the best people I know for this because where I live through superheroes in only movies and video games, he also sees them through comic books and other forms of media. Mike has a podcast that you can find here:

Let us get to the top 5. Here is Mike’s list first:


He’s the worlds greatest detective, what’s not to love?  Batman has been my personal favorite super hero ever since Tim Burton’s first movie.  What makes him great is, honestly, the villains.  No other hero has been complimented with an array of foes like him.  The Joker?  Two-Face?  Bane?  The list goes on and on.  On top of that, the current writers of his comics have really brought out the struggle of Batman beyond the grief of his parents death, moving it into a sense of warped love for Gotham City.  Also, in the modern inclinations of the comics, his suit is as high tech as you’d expect, which is something I always thought was missing in earlier versions of the character.

Some of the best stories in comics involve him.  Anyone who is even remotely interested in super heroes should check out Knightfall, the arc that sees Bane break Batman’s back, only to have him build a suit to house his broken body.  He returns to kick the crap out of every villain in Gotham AND the imposter Batman that he had filling in.  How awesome is that!?  There need to be more characters like him in comics.


2. Wolverine

When I was a kid, playing super heroes with anyone, I always wanted to play as Wolverine.  I mimicked the claws and everything.  I can thank the 90’s animated series for that.  As I got older, I discovered the comics and forever became a fan of the character.  There has been a steady stream of Wolverine in media as well as comics and at least Hugh Jackman doesn’t stink in the roll.  My favorite version of him, though?  There’s this offshoot of X-Men called the Age of Apocalypse, where Professor X dies and the world suffers because he’s gone.   Wolverine, more badass than I had ever seen him, has one hand and an even gruffer attitude.  I read this series when I was in middle school.  I was a fan for life.


3. Iron Man

I’m not going to lie; I wasn’t a huge fan of Iron Man until the first film came out.  There I said it.  The comics weren’t that great, in my opinion.  I will say, since the first film, a writer named Matt Fraction has taken over the comic and holy S@$% is it good.  The Invincible Iron Man is what super hero comics are about.  It’s great; he gets what makes Tony Stark cool.  Plus, the suits make Iron Man.  The comics have several that will probably never make the films.  My favorite?  The Hulk buster.

Iron Man

4. The Hulk

The comics have done a great job of moving past the obvious story ideas and getting into the meat of what makes Bruce Banner so messed up.  The Hulk isn’t about fighting (it can be, but when it’s good it isn’t) and I really enjoy heroes that have some sort of internal conflict (there are quite a few of them on this list).

The Hulk

5. Jesse Custer

This is the only person on the list that isn’t a “super hero” by traditional definition.  But, Preacher, the comic featuring Custer is the single greatest comic book I’ve ever read.  With his girlfriend, who happens to be a hit-woman and a Vampire named Cassidy, Custer goes on a quest to have some words with God.  Not the fun loving kind of words, either.  He does this with the “word of God” a power that lets him tell anyone to do anything.  What would you do with that kind of power?  Jesse has probably done it in Preacher, everyone should check it out.


Here is my list for my top 5 favorite Superheroes:

1 Batman

Well, this was going to be my number one and I suspect with the Dark Knight coming out again, it will be other peoples as well. When I was a kid, this was one of the movies I would watch over and over. I loved it because of the Joker (Mr. Nicholson’s take). If you haven’t seen Batman: Mask of the Phantasim, do yourself a favor. Batman also is a hero that translates really well to video games. The caped crusader is easily my number one, and the rest on this list are below him by several steps…


2. Iron Man

I never, NEVER, never even heard of Iron Man before the movies. But man, when you finally meet Tony Stark and how cocky and arrogant he is, you can’t help but fall in love with him. He is Marvel’s answer to Batman, but instead of dark and brooding billionaire, it’s a fun, happy, self-centered one. The two movies and the movie the Avengers really sold me on Tony Stark.

Iron Man

3. Spiderman

I liked the first 2 Spiderman movies. They don’t really hold up all that well but the new Spiderman movie I thought was pretty good. It was action packed and a lot of fun. I like the dark, brooding Peter Parker who feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. I also really enjoy the sarcastic Spiderman soon as the mask goes on. I think being Spiderman would be far cooler than Wayne or Stark despite all the money they have.


4. Wolverine

Logan is a total badass. If you need any sort of confirmation about this, this is all you need to see:

And as Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I gotta say about that.”

5. Greenlantern

I know, I know…Dude with a magic ring that can create anything so he should never really lose at all in anything, that’s sort of cheating. But I really liked Greenlantern as a kid. My grandma bought me “the wrong Batman” toy once…it was actually the Greenlantern. She was the best woman in the world, and it turned out to be one of my more treasured action figures. So much so that I used Greenlantern as my AOL email address. The movie with Ryan Reynolds really stunk, but you can’t hold that against the character!


So there are two top 5 lists for you. Time to join in with your list for favorite superheores! Good luck!

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  1. Thats the most homo-erotic picture of the hulk ever.

    • Says the guy who goes by Ginger-T and has a picture of him in a bubble bath with a glass of milk practically inviting that picture of Hulk into the tub with him…

      • 1. Captain America. He’s simple, good looking, and has a great history… I’m always about the underdog rising up and becoming one badass person. He works for me. Some might call him boring… but I’d like to see those people kick butt with a shield!

        2. Iron Man. Mr. Cocky has style and a great ability to build an awesome machine. Sometime’s I’d like for him to be a better person personality wise, but what can you do, he’s a rich kid.

        3. Hulk. Oh Brucey Bruce. Love that guy. He’s big, he’s green, and when he’s not pounding bad guys into the ground, you just want to hug him. I think he can kick some butt, but I’d prefer not to play him during Marvel Vs. Capcom… he only can attack when the enemy is close. One if his downfalls, but still loveable.

        4. Spiderman. Okay honestly, never liked Spiderman until 2 nights ago when I saw the new Spiderman movie! I’m not sure if it was the whole Toby McGuire awkward man, not likeable, etc. Helllooooo new Spiderman! I love his humor while he’s webbing folks up, which I’m told by my boyfriend is how he’s portrayed in the comics! You’re on my Top 5 Spiderman! Welcome to the club!

        5. Batman. He’s a classic. He’s a must. He has to make the Top 5 at some point. He’s my least favorite from my 5, just because he’s DC and I fall into love with Marvel much quicker. He had a hard life pre Batman, and post Batman his morals are cool and very high five worthy. I like his outfit… but minus points because I’m not a big Christian Bale fan, so you’ve lost me a little bit movie wise. BUT I’m sure at midnight in a couple of weeks I will still be pumped to be in the audience. :)

        XO – Kyla

  2. 5. Gandalf (the grey one)
    4. Comedian (Watchmen)
    3. Neo
    2. Big Daddy (Kickass)
    1. Halle Berry (Catwomen)

  3. 1). Frank Castle (Punisher)
    2). Chev Chelios (Crank 2)
    3). Chev Chelios (Crank 2)
    4). Chev Chelios (Crank 2)
    5). Robert De Niro (Heat)

    I may have screwed this up….

  4. Paul

     /  July 19, 2012

    russeej44, i think you understand how this works, but have it wrong. it is:
    1. Batman
    2. Batman
    3. Batman
    4. Batman
    5. Cock Knocker

  5. Superhero list. FOR THE WIN!!

    5. Shep Ramsey Hulk Hogan SUBURBAN COMMANDO
    4. Boltie Ellen Page SUPER
    3. David Dunn Bruce Willis UNBREAKABLE
    2. Blade Wesley Snipes BLADE
    1. The Toxic Avenger Mitchell Cohen THE TOXIC AVENGER

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    This summer, there were many Super Hero movies that came out, from the Avengers to the Dark Knight Rises. Those movies, along with the release of this list, made this list the most popular of the year. Find out why!

  7. Arthur Kent

     /  July 14, 2013

    Good list but I don’t have a top 5 I have 5 that I love equally.
    – Aquaman
    – Superman
    – Nightwing
    – Green Arrow
    – Animal-Man

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