Top 5 beers to Drink During the Summer Months!

Welcome to the first “Food Friday” ever on this website! I will try to make the lists going into the weekend about food and drinks! Today’s top 5 list will be Top 5 Beers to enjoy during the summer!

Beer has been around for a really long time. Estimates say it is one of the oldest prepared beverages dating back to 9500 BC. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet, and the 3rd most popular drink in the world behind Water and Tea. Beer is made up of four main ingredients: Barely, Water, Yeast and Hops. There are so many styles and choices out there now due to the huge craft brewing boom in the past few years, that you can get a beer with almost anything in it from berries to apricots! There are now more options than ever in choosing a beer to enjoy during any time of the year. For this list though, we will focus on the summer months!

Summer is the time of year where I personally would like to be no other place than on a body of water doing some fishing or skiing. There is nothing better than an ice cold beer out on that boat (drinking responsibly of course) while fishing or doing other activities. Summer is that perfect time of the year to enjoy a beer. Let’s list about it!

Today’s guest lister is my father, Richard “Dick” Leinenkugel. Dick is a 5th generation brewer and currently works for Tenth and Blake, the craft and import division of MillerCoors. You can follow Tenth and Blake on Facebook or check out: Here is a picture of Dick (on the right) with his brother John brewering their own beer up in Eagle River, Wisconsin:

John and Dick brewering beer!

Here is Dick’s list for top 5 beers to drink in the summer:

Okay, I will sound like a “Homer” with my top 2 picks, but so be it.

1. Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss – most people don’t know that we first brewed this beer in 1995 to be our summer seasonal.  It is so refreshing, so smooth, so good, that we kept it out year- round.

Honey Weiss

2. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy – It’s crisp, refreshing lemony-citrus flavor is perfect for hot summer days.  Now enjoyed by more beer fans than any other Leinenkugel’s Beer.

Summer Shandy

3. Bell’s Oberon – Surprise!  Another wheat beer with citrusy and fruity notes from solid brewers out of Michigan.


4. Firestone Walker Solace – Continuing with my love of wheat beers in the summer, Solace offers a hint of citrus fruit and clove aroma making it a terrific summer beer.  Adam Firestone, like my brother, Jake, and me, is a fellow former Marine.


5. Miller64 – Maybe it’s the jingle, but this light beer offers just enough beery taste with only 64 calories and lower alcohol content to be enjoyed ice cold after a mountain bike ride in 90 degree heat.  Hey, beer is 92% water!


Thanks Dad for the list. Like father, like son I suppose for mine:

1.  Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy – The perfect boating beer or beer to enjoy at a baseball game. When enjoyed ice cold, it is nothing short of refreshing. You almost have to do the “aahaaaaaaaaaa” noise that Elaine from Seinfeld hates so much when you take a drink!

Summer Shandy

2. Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss – So my father and I flipped our top two, but that is only because the category was summer. Honey Weiss is my favorite beer to drink over all. Anytime, anywhere, this beer would make my top 5 list. Being able to find it out in Los Angeles now is a major plus too!

Honey Weiss

3. Ballast Point’s Big Eye IPA – I am a huge fan of the bitterness of IPA’s. I like them on a cool LA summer night, and I happen to have a IPA bar right down the road! This beer, based out of San Diego, is one of my favorites.

Big Eye

4. Boddington’s Pub Ale – This is what I would describe as a Guinness that isn’t dark. It has that same creamy smooth feel to it, but instead of being dark, it has the color of a normal ale beer. I am a huge fan of dark beers, but in the summer time I prefer to stay on the lighter side, and this is a solid option.

Boddington’s Pub Ale

5. Miller Lite – Standard go to. There is nothing real flashy about this beer. It is cheap and readily available and a friend of mine almost always has it stocked. It is light and crisp and can be really refreshing on a warm summer day tailgating at the ball park or out fishing on a boat.

So there are two top 5 lists about summer and beer. Join us in the comments! Create your own top 5, then grab some beer and enjoy the weekend!

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