Top 5 Favorite NFL Players That Are NOT On Your Favorite Team!

Fantasy Football leagues are starting to open for business, and seeing as how I am already in five of them, and the overwhelming support we got for the baseball list last Tuesday, I figured this would be a fun list to do. So today’s list will be your Top 5 favorite NFL players that are currently playing that ARE NOT on your favorite football team. So make sure in the comments you mention who your favorite team is when you post your list.

Today’s guest lister is my good friend Sam Mark. He hails from Minnesota and prefers Grainbelt and Spam to good beer and normal meat, but we wont hold that against him. He is also a Vikings fan so no Vikings will make it on these two lists. Sam is also very talented at improv as well as being very funny in the digital mediums! Check out some of his work here: (A comic strip Sam and his Dad do together)

Also, Follow Sam on Twitter and check out his funny history tweets at: @samEmark, his twitter account and his alter ego @ih_ht, my “If History Had Tw1tter,” where he tweets relevant historical information with a humorous or satirical flare on that respective day in history.

Anyway, Let us get to Sam’s list of top 5 football players currently playing that are NOT on his favorite team. He has a quick intro before his list:

With the NFL season starting in August and my passion of Fantasy Football already in full gear, picking my current Top Five NFL players, sans my favorite teams, forces one to really figure out, what makes a player so favorable?  Any love for the Vikings, Texans, or Lions is, unfortunately, moot for this Top 5 List.  So, who is there to go to?  CALM DOWN, I’M ABOUT TO TELL YOU.

1. Aaron Rodgers – I pride my college experience in Wisconsin for my love for Aaron Rodgers.  Granted, no one has to live in Wisconsin to appreciate his talents.  Since Rodgers’s emergence as the Packers starting QB, he hasn’t backed down since.  And I’m not the only one who has Rodgers at the top.  In the NFL Network’s Top 100 Poll, Rodgers took the cake.  And over his years as the Packers QB, he’s been the record holder for best passer rating, Super Bowl Champ, and Super Bowl MVP.  He’s 28 years old and has PLENTY of football in him.  Not to mention, Aaron Rodgers makes one hell of an actor.  (Since most of my friends are from Wisconsin, I didn’t put Rodgers at the top,because of you.  I put him here, because he damn well earned it.)

Aaron Rodgers

2. Peyton Manning – How can you not like Peyton Manning?  He’s achieved some amazing records in the NFL: Most League MVPs, most consecutive 4,000 passing yard seasons (6), and is the Colt’s all-time passing and touchdown throwing quarterback.  Not to mention his Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, 7 AFC South Division Championships, 2 AFC Championships, and the NFL player of the decade for the 2000s by Sports Illustrated.  The great thing I love about Peyton Manning is his character off the field.  He’s never had a scandal or mishap, he does tons of community work, and like Rodgers, holds his own during commercial shoots.  Even with his departure from the colts, he maintained class and integrity THE ENTIRE TIME.  Even if he doesn’t have as many Super Bowl wins as his brother Eli, I will always consider Peyton the greatest Manning to play the game.

Peyton Manning

3. Cam Newton – Sure, Newton had some controversaries during his college career and after watching a video of him thinking he could outbeat Megatron for the Madden cover, I’d say this guy is pretty cocky.  For Newton, I’m putting that aside, because he came into the NFL, with a lockout that shortened his pre-season, and took the reigns of a terrible team and shocked life back into it with his incredible athleticism.  He was the first NFL rookie QB to throw for more than 400 yards in his first regular season game, breaking Peyton Manning’s rookie record.  He had the most yards thrown in a season by a rookie (4,051), most rushing touchdowns by a QB (14), and most total touchdowns by a rookie in a season (35).  He was the Rookie of the Year for a reason.  I like his energy, I like watching him play, and I will root for Cam Newton.

Cam Newton

4. DeMarco Murray – I followed this guy’s progress at Oklahoma writing promos for matchups Oklahoma had and I would always use Demarco Murray as the selling point to watch that game.  Murray is a hard working, tough, smart, and electric player that, if I was a Cowboy fan, would already have his jersey.  I see flashes of Emmitt Smith in him… and I think the most important part, for me about my favorite players, is their attitude off the field.  I sense zero ego about this guy, because he let’s his field work do all the talking for him, unlike his sophomore (now 3-year) teammate, Dez Bryant.  His rookie numbers are slightly inflated because of a huge game he had against St. Louis, and he did break his ankle during the end of the season, but if the cowboys are on, I am EXCITED to see this guy run.  Plus, I’m tired of seeing Tony Romo (and especially Dez Bryant) and the Cowboys passing game.

DeMarco Murray

5. Michael Bush – A back up running back?  NO wide receivers on this list?  YES.  The reason I’ve picked only QB’s and RB’s for this list, is because they share a majority of the responsibility to run an offense.  There’s more leadership qualities in RB’s and QB’s, compared to WR’s.  Plus, most WR’s are cocky when things go well and whiners when things go wrong (the only exception is Megatron).  So, none of them stood out for me.  But, you’re probably asking, “Seriously, a back up RB?”  It’s a little unorthodox, but let’s take a look closer at Michael Bush.  Sure, he barely holds any records, aside from beating Bo Jackson’s single game rushing record with 242 yards as a Raider.  But, this is a guy who’s career started out on a broken leg.  He stayed patient, hungry, and fortunate enough for him, the RB’s in front of him were injury prone.  He had one of his best seasons, with Darren McFadden out last year, and really had flashes of brilliance being the bone crushing RB he’s always been (but been in the shadows of the bench).  Granted, he just got traded to the Bears (which is the one team in the NFL I hate the most) and he’s behind Matt Forte, but you never hear this dude complain or have off field issues.  He’s one of the best backfield blockers and has proven to be ready if called upon.  I like a guy who digs deep, doesn’t ask for any recognition, and does his job well on the field.  I believe, if Forte holds out, the Bears will simply shrug their shoulders and say, “Hey Michael Bush, how would you like to be the starting RB?”

Michael Bush

Great list Sam! I will now present my top 5 list excluding players from my favorite team, The Minnesota Vikings. Sorry AP and Jared Allen…anyway, here is my list:

1. Peyton Manning – I used to hate Peyton, but God was I ever stupid for doing it. The man is amazing. He is physically talented as well as mentally gifted. He reads coverage’s and fronts better than other QB’s can read books…well, that might not be saying a whole lot, but you get the idea…Anyway, the dude is quite simply the best quarterback of my lifetime (Sorry Brett, I really am because I do love you too…) and even though I think a lot of Peyton’s records will be broken with how easy it is to pass in the NFL today, Peyton will still stand out in all conversations of “best QB of all time”.

Peyton Manning

2. Randy Moss – Ok, a little cheating here perhaps. The guy is clearly in the twilight of his career and barely holding on like the Cornrows Jerry Rice used to have as a member of the Seahawks, but the dude could play, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he still can. Randy Moss is the second greatest WR to ever play the game of Football. The way he played changed the NFL for better and for always. Covering someone like Randy Moss created headaches for every defensive coordinator as they tried to figure out how to stop him as well as allowed people like Ahmad Carroll to be drafted. For years, the NFL model was “Step one: Stop Randy Moss. Step two: Find our own Randy Moss.” Randy Moss is the link between the two greatest offenses of all time, the ’98 Vikings and the ’07 Patriots. He was not only both on those teams, he was the leading scorer on each of those teams! He holds the single season Rookie TD record and the overall single season TD record. If you have any illusions as to how absolutely dominant and unstoppable this guy was, just go back and watch some video or look at stats. Watch Al Harris try to cover him when Moss has a bad ankle(1:50) and then watch the rest for all the stats and praise:

3. Patrick Willis – Time for some defense. If you guys don’t know who this dude is, pay attention! He is the best linebacker in the game right now. Yea, I said it Ray Lewis! Patrick Willis is an absolute joy to watch play the position. He is fast, powerful, athletic and the leader on a defense that led a team to the NFC Championship game last year. If this guy was running at me…well, I would probably just crumble and beg for mercy and hope he doesn’t run me over too hard.

Patrick Willis

4. Larry Fitzgerald – I know Calvin Johnson is amazing and I talk about him all the time, but Larry Fitzgerald is so smooth and such an incredible athlete. He is so fun to watch play. I am pretty sure he never drops a ball either. Actually, there was a study done recently on players with the surest hands in the league. It can be found here: Almost all the players on the list are slot receivers who tend to catch quick, short passes. Fitz drops about 3 balls a year. That is insane.

Larry Fitzgerald

5. Lesean McCoy – When it comes to runningbacks, I tend to favor the more powerful backs like Adrian Peterson or Stephen Jackson, but those powerful backs just aren’t as fun to watch as someone like this. They call Lesean McCoy “Shady” and I don’t think its because he says he will hang out with you and then never shows up. This guy is shifty. I am pretty sure he has never been hit hard in his entire career. He glances off people, makes people miss, and then blows right by them with speed. Every time he touches the ball, you never quite know what’s going to happen!

LeSean ‘Shady’ McCoy

There it is folks, two different top 5 lists for favorite NFL players not on our favorite teams. Who is on your list!? Time to make your own list and join in on the discussion!

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  1. Adam K

     /  July 10, 2012

    1. Jamaal Charles – exciting to watch.

    2. Andre Johnson – he kicked Finnegan’s ass.

    3. Darrelle Revis – favorite position.

    4. Ray Lewis – not even human.

    5. Mike Vick – the “cool” QB.

  2. andlynfro

     /  July 10, 2012

    1. Desean Jackson – my first fantasy love.
    2. LT, yes he retired, but I love him.
    3. Lesean McCoy, helped me win this season.
    4. Larry Fitzgerald – boy just needs someone to throw to him.
    5. Michael Vick – I forgive you and think you are an awesome QB.

  3. Brian

     /  July 17, 2012

    1. Darren Sproles
    2. Michael Vick
    3. Drew Brees
    4. Rob Gronkowski
    5. Brett Hartman

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