Top 5 Favorite Cupcake Flavors!

Welcome to Food Friday at top 5! Today we will be discussing our top 5 favorite cupcakes! Many of you, myself included as evidence of my list, might think cupcakes are really limited flavor wise, but our guest lister is the perfect person to dispel that notion!

Meet Jessica Bolton. Jessica lives next door to some of my buddies out here in LA and is an avid baker and maker of food. She makes phenomenal sweet things, and has her own blog which you can find here for tons of ideas: You should really check it out because they have a TON of different stuff on there!

A short intro and her list for her favorite cupcakes is as follows:

I’ve been baking on a pretty solid streak for about a year and a half now. and with the purchase of my new Kitchen Aid mixer I think it might pick up. I have learned baking is not just picking up a box and can of icing. I’ve learned shit! Real baking skills. And that, my friends, is where my list comes from. It’s not just about over all taste, which is a big factor, but also on the experience I had in making it. So here ya go, eat it up…pun intended.

1. Lemoncello lemon cakes – These cakes taught me about curd. Curd is a word that rhymes with turd and doesn’t sound very appealing. But the lemon curd in this cupcake MAKES the cake. Anyone and their mother can make a plain ol’ lemon cupcake. But add this curd and this puts it on the map as my favorite cupcake on the planet. It’s something you just can’t leave on the stove and come back to in a few minutes. It takes time and I’ll admit I jacked it up the first time. BUt i’m not a quitter I tried it again and thank God I did. Cause it’s a-ma-za-zing. Plus it has Limoncello liquor in it…and there is nothing wrong with a little booze in your cake!

2. The very classy red velvet – This one taught me that Cream Cheese frosting is by far the best icing you can put on a cupcake. I don’t care what anyone of you have to say. 1. there is less sugar in it. 2. it’s easier to make, as in consistency and 3. It just compliments my extremely delicious and moist (god I hate that word) cakes better than an sugar filled grainy icing that you can just feel going straight to your ass.

3. Irish car bomb – These cakes taught me that booze is awesome to cook with. Guinness. Jameson. Bailey’s. They’re all in there. You have a Guinness cake, with a Jameson chocolate sauce filling topped with a Bailey’s icing. You really can’t get any better than that. St. Paddy’s Day is a great day to bust these out or any of the other 364 days of the year because they taste that fraking good. They only suck to make when you have had one to many of the actual car bomb the night before.

4. Pumpkin ginger spice – I love anything pumpkin and it reminds me of my favorite time of year. There are SO many different things can do with it! There is really not much to say about it, cause I just love pumpkin

5. Orange Clove Cupcake. I leaned how you make edible candies with oranges! Do you know how awesome that is? Really awesome. Turning a bitter orange rhine in to a tasty candy and decorating the top of the cake made me so happy. It was just a perfect little cake! The rest of the cake was great. The cake itself wasn’t that sweet but the icing, containing O.J. and Orange extract made up for that. Awesome Cake, awesome time. I don’t think I can say that word enough.

Here is my (rather simplistic and boring) list:

1 Funfetti – There is nothing more fun than this kind of cake product! I could eat this plain without any sort of frosting! It is just simple but really really good.

2. Chocolate – Standard chocolate with chocolate frosting. Light on the frosting though. I think I am one of those weird people that like the cake part more than the frosting part.

3. Cookies and Cream – I love anything cookies and cream. Ice cream, pudding, Hershey’s chocolate, and cupcakes are no exception. I am a huge fan of Oreos and the like too, so that helps.

4. Orange dreamcicle – tastes amazing. It tastes just like a dreamcicle. Best ones are from this place in Los Angeles:

5. Vanilla – Standard vanilla is still money. Not as good as chocolate in this case, but no one will ever turn away a vanilla cupcake saying “god i hate vanilla!”. Again, just light on the frosting and enjoy the cake!

Join in with your favorites! Create your own cupcake top 5 and post it below in the comments. Feel free to share ideas and comments!

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  1. aliberky

     /  July 13, 2012

    I agree with Jessica that Lemon Limoncello is the best cupcake flavor in the history of cupcake flavors.

  2. Rita

     /  July 13, 2012

    In my opinion, It is a straight up BLESSING that I live with Jessica. CUPCAKES.
    Her next cupcake: BuCAKE.


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