Top 5 Favorite Super Villains!

Welcome today to the Top 5. Today we explore the counterpart to our Super Heroes, the super villains.  A point that was made back in the Super Heroes article was that our Heroes a lot of the time rely on their villains to be cool. Is Batman really all that cool if he doesn’t have the Joker as his primary villain?

America has been really interested and invested in anti-heroes as of late…people like Tony Soprano and Dexter on TV that follow morally questionable people doing terrible things, and yet we still cheer for them. The cool part about heroes and villains is that there is a set good and evil. A light side and a dark side so to speak. It is cut and dry without much grey area and sometimes that is a good thing.

Today, my friend Mike Heyer is back to do the villains list. Like last time, Mike has a far better grasp of the comic book world of things than I do (Which is to say he truly does, despite the fact I know NOTHING about comics). Mike also has a cool blog you should check out here. You can find it here:

Here is what Mike has to say and his top 5:

Some of these picks involve spoilers for their respective comics.  If you care about that, go read the books instead of this list.

1. The Joker – Probably the single scariest villain I’ve ever read in all of comics.  The Joker is vile, unpredictable and lacks any sort of moral code.  I’m not talking about the villain from the animated series of the 90’s or the comics from the golden age; I’m talking about the Joker made famous by Heath Ledger.  A ruthless psychopath that does things because he wants to and no other reason.  In a comic called “The Killing Joke” the Joker not only shoots Barbra Gordon (the commissioners daughter), but also then kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and tortures him with photos of his daughters injured body.  That’s one sick $*@!.  He constantly taunts Batman to kill him, knowing full well he wont and in the process has been responsible for some of the most evil acts in comics.  I love every panel where he gets punched.

The Joker

2.  The Governor – If the Joker didn’t exist, this guy would easily move into the number one spot on my list.  Walking Dead has seen a substantial amount of bad S*#& happen to it’s primary characters, but nothing had the impact of the good ol’ Governor slicing Rick’s arm off simply to show who was boss, not to mention what he did to Michonne.  Even after the characters escape and the Governor is mutilated, he returns with a vengeance, assaulting the heroes prison home and making for an even WORSE existence for Rick Grimes and co.  On top of everything else, he keeps his zombie daughter chained up, toothless, feeding her meat and treating her like a pet.  Those who’ve read the books know where he ends up, lets hope season three of the TV goes the same route.  But, if the books are any indication, the show is going to get darker come October.

The Governor

3. Omni-Man – Two Robert Kirkman creations in a row, this guy knows how to write bad guys (if you don’t know who he is, stop reading this list and go throw a football around, it’d be better for you).  Imagine Superman, same powers set and everything, had a son who as a teenager was just discovering his abilities, then imagine that Superman reveals that he wasn’t on Earth to protect the planet, but was prepping it for an army of invading aliens.  That’s Omni-Man.  Sucks, right?  Invincible, the hero of the book…Invincible…gets into a knock down drag out fight with his dad, killing thousands and leaving the younger super-being bloody and broken.  Leaving in a moment of sentimentality, Omni-Man leaves a shattered world behind.  Invincible copes best he can, but his Mom becomes a full-blown alcoholic when the truth comes out about her husband.  What a jerk.


4.  The Saint of Killers – In Preacher, if the angels of Heaven need someone dead, they call this guy.  John Wayne if John Wayne was evil as sin, the Saint wakes from a tomb on Earth and begins to murder absolutely everything he sees on his hunt for Preacher Jesse.  Carrying twin revolvers that never miss their mark, the Saint takes on all comers, even an entire US Army division.  A backstory comic reveals that he was too full of hate for Hell and was cast out after shooting the devil in the head.  I didn’t even think you could do that…Not only is he immortal and badass, but he’s a man of few words, which is very hard to pull off in comics.  If Preacher wasn’t an awesome read before this guy, it sure was after he showed up.

The Saint of Killers

5. Venom – The only villain on this list who is here because of nostalgia, I was introduced to Venom early in my comic reading life.  His abilities were really close to Spiderman, so he loses points for originality, but he makes up for it in attitude and style.  Over the years, writers and artists have picked up on the fan base of the character and kept him fresh and just as cool to look at as he was when he first caused trouble for the web-slinger.  It should also be noted that Venom spawned Carnage, who is even MORE crazier that he is, but since I already have a wide variety of psychos on this list, I figure Venom the better choice.


A most evil list, indeed. And I would wager that a lot of people were just educated on what villains that aren’t dumbed down or neutered for mass media can REALLY do…Here is my list:

1. The Joker – Well, from the moment I saw the first Batman at my aunt Kate’s house, The Joker was the man. The scary dude. There was something as a three year old that didn’t compute with him. My little mind couldn’t possibly grasp the fact that this guy was getting punched and not only not getting hurt, he was LAUGHING! And it didn’t stop there, he was doing really mean things. He kidnapped a woman, he destroyed a museum, and he killed his best friend and he wasn’t sad, he was LAUGHING! As I grew up, I realized how scary that is. There is nothing more sinister than someone who just laughs at violence, whether to others or to himself. How do you hurt someone that doesn’t care? How do you defeat someone that can always cross lines and go further than you? These are all things Batman had to deal with and they are all questions that bring out the best in Batman in the end and make us like him more.

Clowns aren’t supposed to be scary…

2. Magneto – Alright, maybe he isn’t the flashiest guy in the world, but I like him for one reason…he wants to turn non mutants into mutants. He wants to fight for the rights of mutants. And listen, if you can give me a cool power, I am all for that. Plus, the guy is bitter and angry and he can cut you with a kitchen knife without leaving a print. The ability to control metal at first might sound sort of lame, but then you realize you could just stand on a sewer cap and use it as a flying carpet and I think you would be ok with it.


3. Shredder – YES! Good ol’ Shredder. The ninja who is always bested by 4 teenage kids with a case of being green. Shredder is sort of goofy because he takes orders himself, but he is the face of evil in the TMNT stories. He lost his way and decided to take out his former friend, now Splinter and became OBSESSED with destroying the Turtles. Obsession is a scary thing to me. When people become obsessed with something and can’t function outside of that obsession, that is when people get hurt or killed. And although the Ninja Turtles are best known for their animated series, go back and watch the first TMNT movie. It deals with really heavy issues and is super dark and not cheery at all. Shredder and his lack of caring for anything else other than hurting the Turtles makes this list as the model of obsession.

The Shredder

4. Two Face – This guy is on this list because he was such a good guy to begin with and so close to cleaning up Gotham, and then had a tremendous fall from grace. His own personal demons just got the better of him in the end and he developed a split personality that he just couldn’t control. Someone at odds with himself, someone keeping alive in his head at all times two completely contradicting ideas is bound to go crazy if he isn’t strong enough to hold them, and that is what happened. A man who was so blinded and unable to tell any longer as to what was good and evil that he required a coin flip to hold the fate of every choice he made. When things are left to chance, it is terrifying. If someone flipped a coin for your life, when that coin is in the air would probably be the scariest moment of your life…or whatever was left of it if it came up wrong.

Two Face

5. Catwoman – Alright, maybe she is not even a villain. She is super tame compared to everyone else, but was anyone really disappointed with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises? Whew.

Hathaway as Catwoman is far superior to the others. YEA I SAID IT!

Who makes your top 5 for Super Villains? Join in with your list and comments below!

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