My sister Katie, who was featured in this article, started a program at her school to teach kids the Violin. She is raising money for her program. They currently have 4 violins but have 20 kids that want to play. Please help them out by checking out her fundraising page here:


Today’s list is Top 5 Teachers from TV and Movies. Obviously the text book definition of a teacher is someone who imparts knowledge onto someone else, so a teacher can really be any one. But for today’s list, we are going to try to stay with the more school oriented teachers…or teachers that hail from Dagobah.

My sister submitted this list (which was her idea) and I think she really wants to try to stay with the standard classroom style teacher. You will be able to tell that from her list. I will be taking teacher in the more literal sense…my favorite teachers of knowledge regardless of where that knowledge is taught. It might be in a pit class at Princeton Plainsboro or on a lake in district 5, but some of the best lessons we ever get in life are taught out of the classroom anyway.

My sister, Katie…

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