Top 5 Favorite Fruits!

Today’s list will be your Top 5 favorite fruits! There are over 2,000 types of fruit in the World, but here in the West we tend to use only about 10% of that. So while Grapes and Banana’s will dominate these lists, it makes me wonder what lists would look like if we regularly used Cherymoya, Dukus, and Jubuticabas.

Today’s guest lister is a friend of mine from High School. His name is Adam Koenings. Adam and I actually got to know each other really well while attending a group work camp back in the day for a couple years. As evidence of his top 5 response for ways to get a Natural High, eating is one of Adam’s favorite things to do. So let us get to his list of one of his favorite food groups to eat:

This was very difficult, and I am only about 75% confident in my selections.  Factors included: flavor, texture, access, mode/s of consumption, nostalgia, cost, seasonality, etc…

1. Strawberries – few things are more delicious, refreshing, and fun than dipping strawberries into a bowl of sugar and eating them.  If it isn’t obvious, the strawberries should be wet and the sugar at least an inch deep for max enjoyment.  I also love strawberry shortcake.

2. Watermelon – I’ll never forget having a watermelon-eating contest at Workcamp one year.  Forget water, Gatorade, Limeade, Summer Shandy or any other refreshing drink on a hot day – give me ice-cold watermelon.

3. Pineapple – freshly cut, ripe pineapple can be the most delicious fruit on this list.  It is not ranked higher because I rarely have the opportunity to enjoy really good pineapple living in WI.  Pineapple is also a pain the butt to cut.

4. Plums – for me, plums are the fruit most synonymous with summer.  This has more to do with my dad’s grocery shopping habits than anything, but that’s life I guess.  As a kid, I was always excited when we had plums in the house.

5. Bananas – what this fruit lacks in taste, it makes up in convenience.  Bananas are cheap, always available, and very practical.  Aside from grabbing one as you rush out the door, they are perfect for cereal and smoothies.   And if they turn brown, you’re all set to make banana bread.

Righteous list Adam! Here is my list for Top 5 favorite fruits:

1. Pineapple – One of the more expensive fruits one can buy, but worth it! I remember my father once cutting up a pineapple and my sisters and I basically ate the whole thing before he was done. I love canned pineapple too as well as dried pineapple chips. Basically, I am obsessed with pineapple.

2. Grapes – I recently just got into a huge grape kick. They are just so easy. And they are so good. I prefer the large seedless green ones. You can rip off a vine and eat them while watching a show or something and it’s a far superior alternative to chips. Plus, biting into that grape is surprisingly refreshing.

3. Apples – I go in an out with apples as a whole, but there are products I love that deals with apples. The first is applesauce. I love cinnamon applesauce for sure. I always have a jug of it in my fridge at all times. If you want to mix it up, try mixing in some cool-whip (emphasize the ‘wh’ sound) and enjoying it. It makes it super creamy. The other product of course is Apple Pie! My favorite of all pies, the apple pie for me is my weakness. I am thankful I still don’t know how to create my own in the kitchen or I would be making way too much of it. Besides, it must have taken a hell of a fruit for Eve to tempt Adam with…

4. Orange – Oranges and me have had a weird relationship. Much like grapefruits really. I love both of them, but I HATE peeling them. (In grapefruits case, I love the fruit, but I can never cut it properly. But when I am home, I will always have my dad do it for me and then enjoy it.) Maybe it is because I never have any fingernails, or I hate getting sticky hands, or I can just never peel in big chunks and end up doing more damage to the orange than need be, but once I get past that, I LOVE oranges. I love orange juice too. And, I implore anyone to try orange/pineapple juice. It is my new favorite juice to get.

5. Banana – I have to agree with Adam here. This is a cheap, filling fruit that I currently have 4 of on my counter. I love a banana for breakfast. But there is certainly some utility in this fruit. You can cut it up and put it in cereal, you can put them in pancakes, and banana bread is something I always make if any of the banana’s I have tend to start showing their age! Well done bananas on being cheap, good, and flexible. Plus, Banana runts were my favorite!

What are your favorite fruits? List them down in the comments!

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  1. Easy!

    1. Mango
    2. Peach
    4. Strawberries
    5. Rhubarb


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