Top 5 Favorite Sodas!

For any of you who know me, you know that we didn’t grow up with soda in my house. It wasn’t some health thing, it was just that my parents didn’t really like it so they never bought it. So, as a kid I didn’t know what soda really was until I met some of my friends who always had it. But by that time, I never craved soda at all. That has followed me into my adult life, as now I am not a huge soda guy. I almost never buy soda (unless I am doing a long car trip or buying it for mixers) and I never have cans of soda in my fridge. HOWEVER, all that being said, sometimes I really crave a soda! And when I do, these are the ones I reach for:

5. Root Beer – I love me a Henry Weinhard’s root beer. If you have never had one, I suggest you try it. I prefer it to Barq’s or even Sprecher. I haven’t found any sort of good alcoholic mix with root beer, but sometimes enjoying a good root beer can be as satisfying as enjoying a good beer.

4. Sprite – I love the clear soda. I know some people claim Sprite and 7up are boring and don’t have caffeine, but i love the simplicty, crispness and refreshing nature of them. Also, when those people get sick with the flu, I never hear any complaining then about how boring Sprite is.

3.  Pepsi – A plain cola. This was the drink most favored by my friends, so much so as a matter of fact that it was often refereed to as the “sweet sweet nectar of life”. I mean Pepsi might not be providing life, but it is certainly delicious and refreshing. It is really the only cola I enjoy. People out here in Los Angeles are so set in their Coke and Diet Coke and Coke Zero ways that you never see any Pepsi out here. Sort of sad.

2. Dr. Pepper – I couldn’t even tell you what it tastes like, I just know that it tastes so good. Dr. Pepper is wonderful out of a can, but it is even better out of a soda machine! This is also my favorite soda to mix rum or Soco with.

1. Mountain Dew: Code Red – I dont know what it is, but this drink is the one soda that I just love. It is the only soda I have ever purchased a 12 pack of cans of. You know  how some people NEED coffee in the morning (something I find utterly disgusting…both the coffee and the dependency on it), if I ever got like that, I wouldn’t drink coffee, I would just stock Code Red and drink that. Code Red acts as my shot of caffeine too on long road trips. Anything over 5 hours in a car and I will usually buy at least one bottle of Code Red just in case I start to lose attention and drift off. Plus, secretly, I always wanted to order one at a resturant have this happen:

A waiter comes back with the drinks. He places a beer in front of my father, a water in front of my mother and then turns to me and asks, “Did you order the Code Red?” and I would look at him a little confused and wait until he asked again, “Did you order the Code Red?” and I would yell, “YOU’RE GODDAMN RIGHT I DID!!!!”

What are your favorite soda’s? Leave them down in the comments and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. My favorite soda is the kind with rum in it.


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