Best Announcer in Baseball!

(Click the picture to watch the video)

Listen, I would love to make a top 5 list as far as announcers go and I would throw a Uecker  and probably a Blyleven in there as well as Hawk from the White Sox, but to be fair NO ONE COMES CLOSE to Vin Scully. The above video was from Tuesday night. Vin is old and I would say “behind the times” a little bit. Now I personally do not have Twitter and I don’t know everything about it (like what a hashtag means) but I know they aren’t called twits. When you watch the above video, Vin is way over his head with all of that stuff but still sounds so damn cool! He nails it even when he doesn’t. Then, flash forward to last night’s game:

(Click the picture to listen to Vin dominate)

Vin actually gets people to trend the Dodgers catcher and he is FLABBERGASTED! And on top of that, he says “soul patch and mullet” in the same sentence! Rock on Vin, because you are the man!

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  1. Steve Lyons is probably the worst. I think the Dodgers hired him to make Vin Scully even that much better.


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