Top 5 Fantasy Football First Picks!

Sometimes it really stinks having the first overall pick in a fantasy draft. It means the choice you make will be remembered all year. For instance, if you took Chris Johnson a couple years ago after his 2,000 yard season first overall, you were probably ridiculed later in the season after he stunk bad. But of course if you took Adrian Peterson that same year first overall, you were probably ridiculed on draft day for not taking Chris Johnson. For the most part, the train of thought in fantasy football has been “grab a RB early and then grab another one if you can” because they are going to be your money makers. Recently, that has shifted into “grab a QB right away” and now, looking at some experts big boards, they even have a WR ranked over a QB…yea, a WR. Sure, it’s Calvin Johnson but that seems crazy! There is even a Tight End in the top 15 players overall in Rob Gronkowski. So, if you are holding that first pick, and you need to make it and then not pick again for 20-24 picks (in a snake draft), who do you take?

Running Backs: There are three RB’s that seem to have a preseason leg up on the competition. First is Arian Foster, the undrafted free agent down in Texas. This dude is not really flashy or, truth be told, all that exciting, but there is something about his running style that is awesome. He glides on the field and even though he doesn’t look to be running all that fast, he effortlessly just runs past people. He is like the Derrik Rose of football, where he has a lazy style about him that looks cool.

Arian Foster

Ray Rice – This guy is a little cannonball of awesomeness. His real value comes from his system, a run first, pass second offense. And the coolest part? When the Ravens pass, they tend to pass to Ray Rice. If you are in a league that gives you a point per reception (PPR), Ray Rice is not a bad number 1 pick at all.

Ray Rice

LeSean McCoy – The darkhorse of the “first overall” is probably McCoy. I dont think anyone would scoff at you for drafting him first overall. He is entering the fourth year of his career, a year running backs tend to excel in. And if he improves again this year, he will have more than 1,700 combined yards and more than 20 combined touchdowns. He had 17 rushing (led the league for RBs) and 3 receiving last year. Do not sleep on this guy.

Shady McCoy

QB’s: You can look at Brady if you want, but it really only comes down to Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers is probably a safer bet this year considering the turmoil in New Orleans. But both QB’s have weapons around them, a shaky defense that will allow them to keep chucking the ball, and zero run game behind them. Drew Brees broke the passing yardage record last year (a record that doesnt seem to mean that much anymore with the rule changes in the NFL) and has thrown a touchdown in 43 consecutive games. Let me type that out again, he has thrown a touch down in 43 consecutive games. Even on those bad days, the Saints are never shut out and Drew Brees always finds the endzone. Both these guys can be picked first overall and no eyebrows should be raised.

Rodgers and Brees

WR: Calvin Johnson. Really? First overall? This would be a total shocker if someone did this, but last year Megatron dominated the league in a way that no one has since Randy Moss. I won’t personally condone taking him first overall though. But if you have pick 5 or 6, give him a good long look before reaching for a Trent Richardson.

Calvin Johnson

So, who would you pick if you have that first overall pick coming up and why?

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