Top 5 Fictional Sports! just did a poll where they voted on the top fictional games from movies or books. You can find their list here: I have some beef with their ordering, so I am going to remake it into a top 5 list here!

5. Ender’s Game – The door is down! Ender’s game is a brilliant book about a little third (third born in a family) who ends up saving the human race. Little Ender turns into one of the most charismatic and brilliant leaders, despite being only 10 years old, that Earth has ever had. He hones his skills in a zero gravity game where teams battle one another using special guns and gravity hooks. They are making a movie based on the book and it will be interesting to see how they do it. I personally cannot wait. I also cannot wait to play in zero gravity.

4. Podracing – Yea yea, people hated The Phantom Menace. And I know some people hated the podracing scene…but I feel like if Nascar was as cool as Podracing, I would watch it. Plus, they can get a whole race done in like 10 minutes instead of 4 hours. Podracing would, again, be a sport I probably wouldn’t do, but that doesn’t make it terrible. I would also have put Sabbac on here but the rules to the game are never really explained and no one is ever shown playing it.

Spoiler Alert: Anakin wins.

3. Quidditch  – Wizards playing the most dangerous game ever? Sign me up! I don’t even think I could play this game if I was a wizard. I think you have to be nuts. But if I did play the game, I would just be a normal guy trying to score 10 points. I wouldn’t be a beater or a seeker. I certainly wouldn’t be a keeper. But seriously, what an awesome game! Turns out that people actually play this game. I am not kidding either. There are quidditch leagues and people run around and play the game sans the flying and magic and awesomeness and all that stuff…

2. Pokemon – Maybe a bit childish, but really, who wouldn’t want a bunch of pets with special powers that can battle without real consequences?! Not to mention if you find the right one, they can fly you around! If pokemon were real in this world and not cartoons, maybe they would like this:

1. Baseketball – The best part about this, other than the movie being hilarious, is that the game can actually exist. I have played it many times with my friends. And it is true, anyone can play it. Perhaps Squeak said it best on the Malaka-laka Balance Board of Trust, “Don’t you see what we have here? A game where guys with bad backs and bad knees can… get together and compete on the same field as guys that are all goosed up on steroids. But more than anything, isn’t this game about gettin’ together with your friends and just havin’ a good time? I remember.”

So I chose some of the more “active games” since I did say sports…however, one of the games I would love to play is Cyvasse from Game of Thrones. I gather it is similar to Chess or Stratego and seems pretty fun. If anyone cares to make up some rules, I will play it with them. Otherwise, leave your favorite fictional sports in the comments and then get out and be active!

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  1. Blue

     /  August 7, 2012

    Not The Hunger Games?

  2. Paul

     /  August 7, 2012

    that was 10. i counted in my head

  3. I’ve played quidditch. It’s still awesome, even without the flying. Here’s to hoping it’ll make the olympics one day! :D

  4. AB

     /  August 8, 2012

    No mention of Calvinball!? How dare you, sir.


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