I want YOU!

Alright everybody, this is my first call to action. I am looking for some lists and YOU can help me out! For any of you who follow regularly, you know that this site can cover literally anything, ranging from sports to super heroes, movies to music, fantasy and sci fi, from fun things to dueling ideas, from the completely basic (things like food) to the completely absurd (The Boss writing about Dr. Who). I need some good list ideas and some good lists!

Please use the “User Ideas” tab at the top and submit some lists or ideas. If you are having trouble coming up with some ideas, here are some to get your started:

Top 5 favorite: Wizards, rivalries (NFL, TV, Movies), children’s animated TV shows, song lyrics, movie Soundtracks, TV show intro sequences, Songs of the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, Family Movies…

Duelist Ideas: Take a side on either the: Stones vs Beatles, NFL vs MLB, Dogs vs Cats, Batman vs Ironman, Stark vs Lannister…

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