Most Annoying Thing That Can Happen to a Car:

Last night I worked until about 12:45am local time and when I finally got back to my car, the battery was completely dead. I called a few friends and finally one with jumper cables was able to travel, at that hour, to my place of business and jump my car. I was supposed to drop off some media at another office, but decided that if I shut off my car, it wouldn’t start again. I was right. I went straight home and as soon as I turned the key, everything died. This is the first time this car has ever had anything happen to it. But it got me thinking, what else, outside of a total wreck, could happen to your car that could be more annoying? Flat Tire? A/C no longer works? Windows won’t roll up or down? Let me know you thoughts!

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  1. Brian

     /  August 12, 2012

    Well my 1998 dodge caravan has no AC and only one working window so I must say when it is in the 90’s or hits that 100 mark it becomes rather miserable inside that sauna


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