Top 5 “Choose What Happens in the Arena Fight to the Death” Game!

First Ever Top 5 “Choose What Happens in the Arena Fight to the Death” game!

The Hunger Games was a very popular series. It is a book series that pits 24 kids, 12 boy and 12 girls against one another. One by one they kill each other until there is only one winner left. When there is only one person left standing, the winner is crowned and showered with riches.

I thought it might be fun to do a bracket of characters to see who would win in a Hunger Games style of fight, but I don’t want to make it into a straight bracket. So I am going to make the first “choose your own adventure” style of bracket system where instead of a straight bracket, the matchups will be evolving. Your votes will determine what happens next!

Imagine 24 characters from all different worlds, stories, and genres interacting in an arena the size of Rhode Island. They will all be put in the middle and they will all run away. That is where we will start. None of the characters will have anything extra other than what they need to survive. So, for instance, Darth Vader will be able to breathe just fine, but he will not have his light saber. Every day I will post a random encounter that will happen and the way you guys vote will determine how the bracket system moves forward until, we have a top 5…and then eventually one.

Here are the participants: For the Males we have: Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, Harry Potter, Brett Favre, Aragorn, Legolas, The Doctor, Eddard Stark, Batman, The Joker, Optimus Prime, and Jack Bauer.

For the women we have: Hermione Granger, Ellen Ripley, Rose Tyler, Hilary Clinton, Dorothy, The Wicked Witch of the West, Alice, Trinity (the Matrix), The Bride (Kill Bill), Sarah Conner, Clarice Starling, and Bella Swan.

The rules are simple: There can only be one person to come out of this. Eventually, everyone but one person (or alien) will be killed. The winner will be showered in riches and adoration. Nothing from the outside can interfere. Bella cannot use Edward to save her. Jack Bauer cannot call in an air strike. The characters are limited to only what the arena gives them. Vader doesn’t have a light saber, The Wicked Witch does not have a broom, Brett Favre does not have a cell phone to send dick pics…The characters, however, are who they are. Just because Harry Potter comes across The Doctor doesn’t mean they will try to kill one another. There will be more options than just “Harry wins”. Tomorrow will be the first event. Get ready to vote and play along!



To see the first match up, check it out here: Aragorn encounters the Bride!

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