Arena Game: Sarah Conner catches Jack Bauer!

Sarah Conner is tracking the prints of what appears to be a man. She comes up to a running river and crouches low to see a man in his forties drinking from it. He has a satchel over his shoulder hanging down by his waist.  She takes a rock and throws it up stream and when it splashes he looks. That is all the time she needs to strike. She knocks him out in the back of the head. She uses her belt and his belt to bind him to a tree. When he awakes, she asks him who he is. He says his name is Jack Bauer. She starts to interrogate him for answers as to why they are there. He says that all he knows is that there are 24 people in the arena and only one person can leave…What happens Next?


To review the concept of the game, check out the first article here: Arena Game!

Check out the first match up this week here: Aragorn Encouters the Bride!

The second matchup can be found here: Bella vs Hermione!

Here is a list of the participants still active: For the Males we have: Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, Harry Potter, Brett Favre, Aragorn, Legolas, The Doctor, Eddard Stark, Batman, The Joker, Optimus Prime, and Jack Bauer.

For the women we have: Hermione Granger, Ellen Ripley, Rose Tyler, Hilary Clinton, Dorothy, The Wicked Witch of the West, Alice, Trinity (the Matrix), The Bride (Kill Bill), Sarah Conner, Clarice Starling, and Bella Swan.

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