Top 5 Original Nintendo Games!

Today’s list is the Top 5 original Nintendo Games! As someone who didn’t have a NES as a kid, my experience was through my friends and neighbors. It is hard to imagine life before an N64 system, but it was there. Today, my good friend Sam Mark is back and ready to break down the top 5 NES games. Let us go to Sam’s list:

5. Smash TV

Video games’s Running Man.  As the ad for the game described it back in 1990: “It’s a hands-on, no-holds-barred, do-or-die adventure!”  For those not familiar, you’re a contestant on a TV game show, called Smash TV, where villains and robots are sent to kill you.  However, you’re given guns and power-ups to counteract their onslaught, whilst picking up cash and prizes (to increase your game score), such as a magnifacent 2600″ TV (rather unnecessary, I’d say), Sleek 1999 Roadster (I mean, the FORESIGHT of this game…), and advanced VCR player (umm…), top quality luggage, and my personal favorite: a brand new toaster!  You can download this game on a handful of consoles/devices, but the game is super tough.  As the host of the game show always said, “Good luck!  You’ll need it!”

4. Blades of Steel

I’m not a fan of hockey.  Never really have been.  However, when it comes to video games, BIG fan.  Blades of Steel is where I started.  This is another one of those games that is still as fun and exciting as any hockey game out today.  I think one of my favorite parts of the game, aside from the very exciting and fun fighting sequences, is that Minnesota is one of the teams you can pick.  And they’re decorated in Vikings colors.  Konami is hilarious.

3. Tecmo Football

Before Madden, there was Tecmo Football.  If you were smart, you were either the 49ers, the Lions, or the Raiders.  With basic offensive plays and defensive schemes, it was truly the first introduction to football for a video game console.  I still think it’s as fun as any Madden game out today.  Where else can you play as Jerry Ball and sack the QB every down?

2. Super Mario 3

A true classic that was everything we wanted from the original.  Better graphics, more mini-games, and fantastic enemies.  And who doesn’t love a good warp whistle?  I remember distinctively inviting myself over to my friend Mitch’s house, just so we could play this game.

1. Super Mario Bros.

The classic that started it all.  Everyone knows it’s music, the sound effects, and the levels.  I consider this the Citizen Kane of video games.  Not only was this the game that helped catalyze Nintendo’s business, Mario took off and became one of the first truly iconic figures for a gaming console.  Sure, Sega has Sonic, and Playstation had Crash Bandicoot?, but since the creation of this game, the Mario franchise has been the BEST SELLING VIDEO GAME FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME.  Talk about a 1-Up.

Righteous as always Sam. Here is my list for the top 5 original Nintendo games:

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Certainly not Turtles in Time, but when I was a child this was a game I loved. It is a little easier than Battletoads, which didn’t make my list because I could never beat it, but still really hard for a child. But that didn’t stop me from playing countless hours whenever I could at my neighbor’s house.

4. Tecmo baseball – This game maybe wasn’t the best baseball simulator ever, but it was cool. It taught me three things about baseball as a young boy: You want a high average as a hitter. You want a low ERA as a pitcher. And no one can hit Bert Blyleven’s curveball.

3. Mario/Duckhunt – WHAT?! How can this be only number three?! This is supposed to be the best game ever. And it is good. One of the most addicting games ever really. And let us not forget Duck Hunt. I bet any of you out there could recognize the sound of that gun shooting the ducks and then that damn dog laughing. Mario did open a world of video games up to me, but I soon discovered that perhaps he wasn’t the end all be all…

2. Tecmo Superbowl – Perhaps still the best football game of all time (YEA I SAID IT MADDON), this game was simple but solid. Sure, you could rack up 500 yards rushing with Barry Sanders and Bo Jackson, but the game was so damn fun it didn’t matter. And you could play with a friend! The game is so fast and simple that I still will play a game to this day.

1. Contra – If you have never heard of this game, you either have never played video games or you just aren’t aware of popular culture. Maybe you have never heard of this game, which is a ton of fun, but you have certainly heard of the most popular code in video game history…But this game was a game I played with my neighbor over and over. Getting through the first level was easy enough, but the second level was so hard. You just really needed that shot gun or the laser gun!

What are your favorite games from the early days of video games? Write out a list and leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Double Dragon!


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