Arena Game: Eddard Stark, Man of Honor.

Eddard Stark quietly meditates in the woods. He feels fear for he does not know where he is, but he decides running through a foreign land with no direction isn’t the best course to take. He finds a broad stick, sturdy and hearty in nature that can be used as a club. He wraps a piece of his tunic around it for a handle and uses some extra lace to tie it down. He sits and waits and watches. A lady comes stumbling through the woods, clearly disoriented and panicked.

“WHO ARE YOU!?” She screams.

“Keep your voice down, I am Eddard of House Stark, Warden of the North of Westros,” Eddard replies. “Who are you?”

“I am Hillary, Hillary Clinton,” the women responds. “Where is Westros? Is that in Montana or Alaska?”


“Where is it you come from?” she asked again.

“Westros,” Eddard said, standing up. He towered over Hilary. Feeling a bolt of fear run through, Hilary screamed. Eddard put up his hands to calm her, but when he raised the club, Hillary screamed again and began to ran. However, as soon as she turned around to run, a rock came hurtling through woods at lightning speed. It struck Hillary in the face and she fell to the ground silent. Eddard, for a split second, reaches for her but then looks up to see where the rock came from. A man walks out  from behind a tree holding another rock in one hand and two more in the other. He winds up and heaves it at Eddard, who just barely deflects it with his club.

“That rock was for you! I didn’t mean to hit her!”

“Who are you?” Eddard yells as he raises his club.

“Brett, Brett Favre,” Says the man.


What Happens next?!

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