Arena Game: Trinity Comes Face to Face With The Joker!

Trinity bolts upright, gasping wildly for air.  Frantic, she scans the area, which reveals nothing but unfamiliar terrain.  Her breath returning, she stands, unsure of her next move. She pats herself down, all her familiar weapons gone.  A gust of wind catches her hair and carries with it a sinister sound.


She turns, spying a clown, though nothing like any other she’s ever seen.  This one has cakes makeup covering scars and dried blood on his sleeves.  He smiles.

“Are you new to this place like me!?  That’s great!  I love company!”

Tensing, Trinity knows something is off…

“How did you get here?”

“Me?  Oh, I wished upon a star, or maybe got hit on the head one too many times.  HAHAHA!”

Every muscle ready to strike, Trinity knows this…Joker is crazy, and she needs to do something, fast. What happens next?!


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