Arena Game: Legolas Encounters Darth Vader!

Legolas cannot recognize the forest, and he has spent time in most of Middle Earth.  He picks his way through the underbrush, looking for anything he can fashion into a makeshift weapon, when he hears something unnatural. It sounds like a machine breathing. He crouches low as it starts getting closer. He finally spies something unlike anything he’s ever seen.

It walks like a man, but it appears to be made of something else, an unnatural helmet and cape guard this thing from Legolas’s view, but as he moves closer, it speaks.

“No need for stealth, I am well aware of you.”

Legolas drops to the ground as it turns.  Lights blink on it’s chest.  This thing was once a man, Legolas thinks, but is not anymore.  Now it’s something else.

Darth Vader takes one-step forward, sizing up the elf in front of him.  His lightsaber gone, he is without his most trusted weapon, but not without his skill. What happens Next?

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