Arena Game: Indiana Jones Encounters a Mystery Woman!

Indiana Jones wakes up and tries to come to grips with his surroundings. He was just in the middle of Mexico trying to secure an ancient Aztec artifact when he was transported to the middle of a forest. He ran as fast as he could away from everything. He thought he saw a robot man clad in all black and a huge machine, but that was impossible. He reached down and realized he did not have his whip. The first thing he did was look for some sort of stick to use for a walking stick and protection. He found one pretty quick. Next on the list was find some water. But when he looked up, there was a woman standing in his way. A woman who looked lost, as lost as he did anyway. She wore a blue dress and had bright red ruby slippers on. She asked if he had seen a dog run by and he said he had not…What happens next?

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