Arena Game: Sarah Conner

Sarah Conner knows that to survive this game, she has to be the last one. She knows that to get back to the resistance and her son, she needs to be ruthless, cunning, and fearless. She wonders if leaving a man tied to a tree, alive, was the right call. Perhaps she should have just killed him right then and there. She considers, for a moment, turning around and heading back to kill him. Instead, she looks around her surroundings for anything that can be used as weapons. She grabs a few small rocks to throw and fashions a tree branch into a make shift spear. But then she hears something. Someone is shouting out. She stops to listen. Someone is calling out because they are lost. Sarah looks in the direction and sees a blonde girl. She is small, just a child. She is wearing a blue dress and is completely lost. Sarah knows what must be done. She just wants to get home and help her son. The girl hasn’t even seen her. She could kill her so quickly the little girl wouldn’t even know. That would bring her one step closer to ending this. Eventually this girl will have to die. But can Sarah really kill her??

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