Top 5 Artificial Smells!

Alright, so most people have candles or incense or some other form of way to make themselves or their place they live or work smell better. The olfactory (sense of smell) is said to be the most powerful sense when remembering or linking things. So if you smell something good and have a good time, chances are high that whenever you smell that smell again, you will remember that event. Even if it is 15 years down the road. I know I personally have moments like that all the time. Any time I smell a room that is predominantly made of wood, it usually smells like my cabin. I then get a huge sense of longing for the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Well, today, the list will be artificial smells. So here are my top 5 artificial smells:

5. Pantene Pro V – I know that this sounds lame, but I am positive every man (and I would wager every woman) has had a moment where they catch just a wiff in passing of some sort of perfume or colgone or some sort of shampoo, and a flood of memories and feelings wells up. And then, like Keyser Soze, they are gone. It happens so fast, but a lot of the time the feelings are so strong, that it can skip your heart. This shampoo has that effect for me. Also, it smells unique and very nice.

4. Gasoline – Ok ok ok, no one needs to worry. I am not sitting around out here in California huffing gas. But I do love the smell of it. I love the smell of just that little bit that drips out of the car tank after filling it up to full. I love the smell of the engine of a snowmobile. Obviously you have to appreciate it in super small doses or you get a wicked head ache, but I do love it all the same.

3. Falling Leaves – I love the real smell so much I just bought it in candle form and it smells so good. Moving out to California, we don’t really have a “fall” out here. Hell, we really don’t have seasons out here. So the smell and feeling of Fall doesn’t really exist. I feel like instead of heading home for Christmas I should be heading home for Fall sometimes to see the color of the leaves change and stuff. Alas, the candle from the local RiteAide will have to do for now.

2. Vanilla – Vanilla is the smell that just makes a place feel warm and cozy. I think it is a smell a lot of women choose for their personal living space too, which makes it very appealing to men. It is a warm and inviting smell that usually is not overpowering at all. It is the perfect home smell.

1. Apple – I don’t know what it is about apple, but I love the smell of fake apple. I love the smell of real apple too really. Maybe it was Applefest in Bayfield, WI or the fact that we always had apples lying around the house, but I really enjoy the smell. Apple pie is my favorite, and the mixture of cinnamon with apples is even better. I would even go as far as to say that apples and cinnamon is a better pairing than peanut butter and jelly. Currently, I have apple air fresheners all around my apartment. Like falling leaves, apple smell tends to work really well in the fall. And like vanilla, it tends to create a really warm and cozy feeling. It is by far my favorite smell.

What are yours? Have you ever had a moment of extreme memory or feeling from a random smell and a random time? What was it? Leave them in the comments!

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