Arena Game: The Doctor Encounters an Autobot for the First Time.

The Doctor

The Doctor hears a massive rumbling and crashing sound though the woods. He takes cover and sees a massive blue and red machine walking through the trees as best as he can. He is a bipedal, but certainly machine. The Doctor, curious as always, steps out and gives the huge machine a strange glance.

“What are you?” the Doctor asks.

“I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots.”

“And what system do you hail from?”

“Cybertron. And what about you, human?”

“Well, I am no human.”

“Then what are you? You look like a human.”

“I am a Time Lord.”

“Time Lord?”

“Yup, and you are fascinating. You can transform to take the shape of a truck? BRILLIANT!”

What happens next?!

Optimus Prime

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