Arena Game: Rose Tyler Finds a Man Tied Up.

Rose Tyler can’t believe she has been transported to some sort of forest without the aide of the TARDIS. She just can’t figure out how it is possible. She started to move to what she perceived was the North and hopefully could find some one, or at the very least, some water. She heard a man hollering for help. She followed the sound of his voice and saw a man tied to a tree. She approached him and he called out to her.

“You there! Help me. Please!” the man shouted at Rose.

“Who are you? Why are you tied up?” Rose asked. “What is this place?”

“My name is Jack Bauer. I work for the Counter Terrorist Unit of the United States and I was put here by a woman named Sarah Conner who is very dangerous. I need to find her,” the man replied.

“My name is Rose, Rose Tyler. Pleasure to meet you,” Rose said. She walked behind the tree and started to untie Jack. She undid the knots and walked back around to the front of the tree where Jack was gathering his stuff. “What is this place? You never answered my question.”

“This is a fight to the death. We are in an arena with other people and only one of us can get out,” Jack explained. They both stared at one another. What happens next?!

Jack Bauer


New to the game? Check out the link here that will explain what is happening.

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