Arena Game: Hermione Finds Her Friend.

If you need a reminder about this game, please refer back to this link here. And if you want to catch up on the action that has happened so far, check here.

Hermione could not believe how miserable of a loser that other girl was. She had to leave the pathetic girl just crying in the woods, surely to die at someone else’s hands. She started moving through the woods with her make shift wand. Now that she was alone, she had some time to practice with it to make sure it worked. She gave a flick of her wrist and nothing happened. She stared at it curiously, not sure why she couldn’t get a magic bolt to fly from it. All of a sudden, a man ran in front of her out of the bushes.

“Harry!? Is that you?!” She yelled.

“Hermione?!” The two looked at one another, shocked they found each other in this arena. They hugged and tried to get to know what the other had seen. Harry had been walking around for awhile now and has yet to see anyone else. He did find some water and created a small shelter though. He also fashioned a make shift wand out of a tree branch.

“Does it work?” Hermione asked him.

“Sometimes. I am afraid of backfire though,” Harry responded. At that moment, a laugh broke out. An evil laugh, one that they had not heard before, a laugh coming from a woman…and even stranger, it was coming from the sky. They looked up, and a witch was riding a broom! She swooped down and landed in front of them.

“Who are you!?” Hermione demanded to know.

“I am the Witch of the West my pretty, who might you be?” the witch responded.

“I am Hermione Granger and this is Harry Potter,” Hermione shouted back, both her and Harry had their wands ready to go, both not sure if they would work when needed.

“Wrong!” said the Witch, as she conjured a huge fire ball in her hand, “You are both DEAD!”  What Happens next?!

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  1. Hermione and Harry ftw!

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