Arena Game: Darth Vader Finds a Crying Girl!

Darth Vader, after killing a curious creature that was human but didn’t really move like one, kept on walking. He knew he needed to find some life support systems at some point. He had a limited time until his breathing apparatus would need to be repaired. And where exactly was he? He also was missing his lightsaber.

As he was walking, her heard someone sobbing. He moved closer and loomed over a young girl, about 18 years old. She was sobbing uncontrollably. When she looked up, she screamed as loud as she could. Vader clamped down on her neck using the force and momentarily stops. In that time, he tries to find out information from her. He only gathers that her name is Bella Swan and that she is desperately waiting for a creature named Edward…What happens next?

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