Arena Game: The Bride vs Two Other Women!

The Bride realizes that she probably needs to kill to get out of here. She doesn’t really know where “here” is, but she knows her daughter isn’t here with her. She swore she saw a green creature riding a broom flying in the sky, like the stories of old. She figured she was hallucinating which wasn’t a good sign. Either way, she knew she had to fight her way out.

As she is walking, she tries her best to fashion some sort of weapon from the materials around her. She makes a long bo staff out of a tree branch that she is able to wield with some precision. She barely killed the first man she saw, and she only did because she had the element of surprise. He was tough and a skilled fighter. She could only imagine that the next person she saw would also be a skilled fighter. All of a sudden, a rock was thrown at her and grazed her shoulder. She brought the bo staff up in time to deflect the next rock thrown at her face and had the skill the block the one thrown at her back. She was surrounded.

Two women popped out. “I am Ellen. Ellen Ripley. Who are you?” the first women in front of The Bride asked.

“Does it matter?”

“No. It does not,” responded the girl behind her. “My name is special agent Starling.” The Bride hesitated just a second and turned to face her. Then, she sensed, and she isn’t quite sure how but she did anyway, Ripley charger at her…What happens next?!

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