Arena Game: The Doctor and Optimus.

The two sit and talk for what must be hours. The world around them suddenly isn’t as interesting as the two are to one another. Optimus telling of his race’s plight and search for the All-Spark and the Doctor talking about his travels through time and the friends he has made in the past 900+ years. Optimus stops suddenly and says his scanners picked something up. It wasn’t a life form, it was an electrical box of some sort. The Doctor, ever curious devises a plan: Use some of Optimus’ spare parts to fashion a sonic screwdriver. Optimus allows him, with some reluctance, to do that. After awhile, the Doctor opens the panel to reveal a screen showing 17 little blips.

“These are all life forms in this arena,” the Doctor said. As he said it, some of the blips went out. “People are dying. We are killing one another!”

“Only one can leave,” said Optimus. “This is the arena. We were brought here to die…”

What happens next?!

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