Arena Game: Indy Jones vs Trinity

Indiana Jones

For a quick recap of what has happened in the game so far, be sure to check here.

Indiana Jones, a little confused since leaving the woman in the blue dress awhile back, moved on looking for some water. After walking what he perceived to be a couple of miles, he found some. He knew, some how, that he was in a cage. He couldn’t escape. He also knew that the world around him was awfully hostile. On his journey he had come across a man, or at least some sort of creature, that was dead. The man was dressed like a clown with scars running up his cheeks and he had green hair. His ribs were shattered and it looked like he suffocated to death.

After that moment, Indiana tried to find some sort of weapon to be used, but all he could come up with was a sturdy stick. He tried to remain ultra vigilant but eventually sleep would overtake him. He found a nice little outcropping and laid down…

Snap! Something moved. How long had he been sleeping for? It must have been a couple hours but the light never changed. It was still day. That was impossible, he knew it was, but it didnt matter. Something was out there. He scanned the trees. THERE! A woman in black charging at him. Indy raised his club ready to fight the oncoming attacker…What happens next?

Trinity (From the Matrix)

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