Top 5 “Call Me Maybe” Parodies!

Carly Rae Jepsen

Today’s Top 5 will be sure to piss you off due to the fact that it will almost certainly get stuck in your head. It is breaking down the top parodies of the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. Seriously, who would have ever thought the person that sings that song (I honestly can’t be sure if she actually wrote it or not) looks like that? Good lookin’ gal.
Today’s guest writer is my friend Adam Haas. Adam is a long time reader and first time writer. He has a clear unhealthy obsession with this song that I am sure his roommates can shed light on. He submitted this list to me, which means he sat at his computer and looked up a ton of these parodies, and wrote about them and then sent in a list. I do not envy him. However, true to my word, I matched his list with a list of my own. Here is what Adam had to say and his list to follow:
Something different for the daily top five today. Top five Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe” lip dubs. You all remember how this started with the Harvard Baseball team and their fist pumping then the SMU Women’s Rowing team one upped them flipping themselves around as it were. On and on the escalation continued and now you have the cream of the crop right here.
I’m basing it on my own personal criteria for uniqueness, cuteness, funny, interesting, mesmerizing and haw many times I have watched them. This is the lip dub or lip sync category, parodies have been disqualified!
1. Call Me Maybe – 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team – It came at the perfect time right when the song was just hitting its peak for its popularity and it starred Olympians.  Then they went on to win many medals, set records and kick ass. Can’t wait to see what Missy Franklin and company can do in four years in and out of the pool.

2. The Big Ten Mascots – Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. Hilarious! The scenes with the Nebraska mascot and his cheerleaders? Loved it. It’s great to see these performers showing off their creativity outside of the athletic turf where they can take center field. Everything with the Spartan was great. That Golden Gopher is a funny creature, too. Check out the site here and the video down below!
PS, I miss college.
3. Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders – Wowza….Go Dolphins! Am I right?!
4. Call Me Maybe (Chatroulette Version) – This is where it could get a bit uncomfortable for some people. You either feel so uncomfortable you have to stop watching or it’s so uncomfortable that it’s hilarious! Just what I think a lot of people felt in the video. It’s funny, come on! Never know what you will see on the Internet these days much less Chatroulette.
5. Obama – The sheer amount of time that it must’ve taken this editor to find all this footage and assemble together is astonishing! That’s why it manages to crack my list.  And I really enjoy the little bit of autotune to make it flow.
Nice list Haas! Now, I am WAY behind on the times of this song, but here are my favorite parodies of this song that I could find!
5. Prison Bus – Are you serious? I mean cmon… Still pretty funny though, in a sad sort of way. 
4. Miss America – Proof that a terrible song can actually be made completely watchable and awesome. 
3. College Humor – They do it right. Please enjoy this funny video:
2. Star Wars – Super clever and must have taken forever to make. But really really cool.  
1. Harvard Baseball Team – The original…at least as far as I know it is. So simplistic in it’s approach, and the wonderful hand gestures and coreography is still used…at least at the Single-A Lancaster Jethawks game whenever the song is played! This is the only thing I think of now when I hear this song. 
Now, if you seriously watched all 10 of those, I am really sorry for putting that song in your head for the next 15 days. Sorry guys! What are your favorite parodies of this song? Put them down in the comments!
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  1. JEFF! I am so disappointed in you, young man. After all I have taught you about pageants…#4 is NOT Miss America! It is Miss USA. Huge difference, mister. I will let it slide this time :) for Carly Rae Jepsen.


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