Arena Game: Dorothy.

For a quick recap of what has happened in the game so far, be sure to check here.

Dorothy, still moving through the woods looking for her dog, shouts at the top of her lungs for it. The man with the hat said the dog was this way. She was having trouble walking but she couldn’t give up looking for the little dog. She had looked up once and saw smoke streaks in the sky and for a moment entertained the thought of that wicked witch being around here, but then she remembered that whole thing was a dream…however, she wasn’t quite she. She just woke up in this forest and her dog was missing and there was a strange man in a hat and leather jacket. Maybe this was her return to Oz…

“TOTO!!!” she yelled again.”Where are you?!” She finally broke down and started to cry, unsure of where she was and losing her dog had finally broken her. But then she saw a quick movement out of the corner of her eye. Then she saw the little brown fur ball running through the woods. It ran right past her and through the leaves. Dorothy got up and chased after him. She screamed the entire time after Toto. But then, she stopped.

There was another man. A man that was unlike any she had ever seen. He was glowing. And in front of him, he had three cups.

“You are in a dream Dorothy. Want to wake up?” he asked.


“By drinking one of these three cups. One will wake you up, but the other two will kill you…”

What happens next?!

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