Arena Game: Sarah Conner Continues Her Rampage!

Sarah, fueled by the fact that she needs to get back to her son, marches on through the arena. She stops to drink some water. After some slugs, she stops and notices that she has been in this spot before. Was it De Ja Vu? No…she had literally been in this exact spot before. But how? She kept moving in the same direction. She was positive. This is where she started the game. She woke up right over there in this arena. How is that possible?! 

It doesn’t matter. There was movement over there behind the trees. A blonde girl. She looked lost. She looked confused and frightened. She picked up her spear that she made. This would be easy. The girl isn’t even looking in her direction. Sarah tightened her grip on the spear and slowly made her way over to the girl. She got close enough and lunged at her, spearing the girl right in the back. The girl screamed out the loudest scream ever…And then Sarah got punched right in the face. She got her senses back quickly and rolled up into a fighting stance. There was a man on her already, it was the man she left. The man she tied up. The man she should have killed in the first place…What happens next?! 

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