Top 5 Star Wars Minimalist Movie Posters!

I think the minimalist movement in art is pretty cool. I am sure most people have seen the Game of Thrones series that are out there and anyone that has been to my place has seen the poster of Wizard of Oz that is hanging on my walls, but these Star Wars ones are super cool! Check out my top 5!


Simple and to the point. One little guy vs the entire Empire.


This is a whole series of posters as well. But I love the red Vader outline with the duel about to take place inside.


The next three are all from the same series. They show, amazingly well, the story of Star Wars in three little photos. The first, A New Hope, shows the small Blockade Runner (Tantive IV) running from the Star Destroyer (The Devastator).


The next shows The Falcon, ala Dak, taking on the entire Empire by itself!


My number one, and the last in the series, shows the Falcon returning (hey, the movie is called Return of the Jedi too!) with a fleet behind it in order to crush the Empire!

There it is. My top 5. Here are some cool honorable mentions to look at too:

Wild West shoot out poster.

Think about it, you will get the humor.

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