Arena Game: Brett Favre and Eddard Stark Come Across Darth Vader!

Hearing screams in the forest from a woman in obvious distress, Eddard and Brett run through the woods. Brett carrying a couple rocks to be used as projectiles and Eddard carrying his club. When they arrive at the area, both of them stop and stare at a man dressed all in black. He isn’t really a man, he just has the shape of one. He is actually a machine, or at least he sounds and looks like a machine.

Brett winds up and throws a rock at the machines head as hard as he can. The man in black raises his hand and stops the rock in mid air. He keeps it there, levitating it. Both Brett and Eddard look on in amazment.

“What sorcery is this?!” Eddard gasps. And then the rock comes hurtling at him. Eddard brings up his club just fast enough to deflect it. Eddard, still stunned at what he saw, decides to charge the man. The man seems to “call” for his own club, which levitates into his hand and allows him to deflect Eddards blow. They are now locked into hand to hand combat. Brett decides to start throwing rocks, figuring that the only way to kill this thing is to throw too many things at it…he can’t defend them all! So Brett hurls in another rock…What happens next?


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