Arena Game: Harry and Hermione Encounted Trinity!

The two wizards, fresh off defeating and killing the Wicked Witch of the West, move on and very quickly discover there is more to this area than they realized. The magic abilities in the forest are super strong, but they tend to drain the wizard more than normal. They look for water and a place to rest. They come across a stream and drink not saying a word to one another.

Harry then senses something is wrong. There is a life form around them somewhere. He doesn’t know where but he gets Hermione’s attention and motions to her to be quiet. They listen and look with their wands at the ready.

“DUCK!” yells Harry to Hermione! She does, just in time, and a woman in black sails over her, missing Hermione’s head with her foot by inches. Harry tries a binding spell, something that will suspend this woman in black leather in a paralysis, but when he attempts the spell nothing happens. He is positive that he did it right, but the power just doesn’t seem to be there. The woman charges again and this time Hermione launches a fire ball at her which she slides under, just missing her…What happens next?!


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