Baseball Brawl!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good Brou-ha-ha. If you do not know what a brouhaha is, then perhaps this will enlighten you:

“an episode involving excitement, confusion, turmoil, etc.,especially a broil over a minor or ridiculous cause: A brouhaha by the baseball players resulted in three black eyes.”

That is exactly what happened in Washington DC last night as the Cubs and Nationals got into it. The benches cleared, the bull pens sprinted in (my personal favorite part of any brouhaha) and people were shoved and jostled. An umpire even went down to the turf.

Although this was not the best of battles, it is still worth noting as a fun little event. The TV footage can be found here.

Nolan Ryan starting (and ending) one of the most famous baseball brawls.

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