Arena Game: The Bride takes on Optimus Prime!

The Doctor and Optimus Prime split up. The Doctor informed Optimus that the arena is a large oval and that when you reach the boarders of the circle, you pass through a warp field to another random starting point within the same oval. And that the genius part is you never know when you are being transported. The thing is, once you pass through the invisible wall, you can’t turn around and go back because of the random nature. The Doctor, however, found the wall by having Optimus walk in front of him. The Doctor stayed behind to work on disabling the entire wall which, in theory, should allow anyone to escape.

Optimus, however, was alone once again.

The Bride, just minding her own, sees a HUGE machine come out of the trees straight at her. She has never seen anything quite like this. What the hell was it?! Was it alive?! Whatever it was, she knew she had to run…But for some reason she couldn’t. She had just killed two other women ambushing her. She knew that in order to return to her daughter, she had to kill everyone, or in this case, every thing. She stared it down and looked for a weakness…

“What are you waiting for?” The machine asked…what happened next?!

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