Arena Game: Optimus Calls Out For Help!

Sarah Conner moves about looking for some water to help treat her wounds. She had just killed Jack, the man she tied to a tree, as well as some blonde girl he was with. To her, she was two steps closer to being reunited with her son.

She heard a wailing sound coming from straight ahead of her. It sounded mechanical in nature. Her heart stopped. Could the machines really follow her here?! Where is here? She doesn’t even know where she is, how could the machines really follow here here? She comes to a clearing where a machine lays on its back. It is in the form of a normal human, with arms and legs and stuff, but it is MASSIVE compared to the terminators. Was this the future? She looked over the left and saw the body of a woman. Immediately, she knew this thing was dangerous.

“Help me. Please help me!” the thing said. “Please, get the Doctor.”

“A doctor can’t help you,” Sarah said back to it. “Nothing will help you now.” Sarah knew this was a machine, and that the machines, whether from the future or past, and whether human sized or giant, they were a threat. “I must return to my son…”

What happens next?!

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