Top 5+ Reasons Why Working in Production is Like Being a Member of the Nights Watch!

Why working in Production is like serving in the Nights Watch:

  • Expected to wear black.
  • You always need a blade on you.
  • You will never be thanked.
  • You will always be taken for granted.
  • You will never obtain wealth.
  • You will never own land.
  • People think we defend against snarks and grumpkins, but the real danger are the Others…in the shot.
  • Several different “Kings” give conflicting orders to you without the others knowledge for things you aren’t supposed to deal with.
  • You get a nickname on your first day.
  • Occasionally someone else is related to someone of high birth and you are forced to obey them even though they are an idiot.
  • The tasks you are trained for are usually mundane and asinine, however you are expected to slay dragons at a moment’s notice with the cheapest, most out dated equipment.
  • Three people are expected to hold down the fort, even though it requires 20.
  • You will have to do this job until you die, there is no retirement.
  • Comprised of some good people but mostly criminals, rapists, thieves and bastards.


We are the Watchers of the Call. The shields against OT. We will never make our wives or girlfriends happy, nor spend time with our children. We are the Production Staff!

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  1. “Comprised of some good people but mostly criminals, rapists, thieves and bastards.” had me laughing to the point of tears

  2. Stu

     /  September 11, 2012

    Where did you take your oath?

  3. “You will never own land” got a good chuckle. Do Condos count?

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