Production Titles and Their Game of Thrones House Slogans!

Here is some more Production/Game of Thrones cross over humor for you! Yesterday I made a post about 5+ reasons working in production is like being a member of the Nights Watch. You can find that link here! The other day, while bored at work, my friend Stephen Faulkner and I came up with a few house slogans. This is pretty specific to the TV/Film industry, but if you are in that career path, get ready…

AD Department – Talent is coming

Art Department – As High as Possible

Wardrobe – We do not sew…well

Hair and Make up – Our sheers are sharp

Assistant Editors – The computer screen in the night.

PA’s – Sworn to Production

Scripted PA’s – Here we stand

Exec Producer – Mine is the fury!

Grip/electric – Bowed, Bent, Broken

Sound – Someone is roaring!

Creater – Family, Free Time, Duty

Story Producer – I am the watcher in Video Village

Special Effects – Fire and Blood

To see some Game of Thrones posters with slogans and sigils on them, check out this site.

Here are some other funny Game of Thrones inspired production lines!

“What do we say to the God of crafty restock?…Not today.”

“What do we say to the God of getting home on time?…Not today.”

“Three men stand before a PA; The executive producer, the director and a network executive. Each tell the PA to give up his chair during lunch. Who sits? Who stands?…Power is a curious thing. It is a trick, a shadow on the wall…and poorly defined by the call sheet.”

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