Top 5 Game of Thrones Art!

A couple weeks ago, I did some AT-AT art. Today, I present some really cool Game of Thrones art! Here are five really cool pictures:

The Lannister family tree in the form of Lions. Really cool take.

Strange waters of the Trident by ~bubugbe still my heart, another illustration by bubug. I wept when i read this part of the book…… oh my poor sandor. Look in the reflection of the river- Sansa sings for him, and her favor is tied around his sword. 

If you have only seen the show, this might be a little spoiler, but if you have read the books, this picture is amazing.

Jaime Lannister by =Noiry

Jaime on the throne after killing The Mad King.

under the heart-tree by ~bubug a1Another gorgeous asoiaf illo by the unimitable bubug. I don’t think i will ever get over how gorgeous her work is. Can you spot all the Starks?

The Stark history interwoven in a Weirwood tree.

Blood Of My Blood by *ArtMagix

Poor Jorah. He has not had real good luck with women in his life, and he is haunted by the friend zone with his current love. My heart goes out to you Jorah.

Which ones do you like? I will continue to post more art from different worlds!

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