Toplist: Dumbest Fashion Trends of All Time!

College Humor’s Toplist this past week was Worst Fashion Trends of All Time. I invited you guys to vote for your worst trends last Monday. The results of that list are in and can be found here! Here is what I would rank on my list:

Tramp StampsThe Tramp Stamp: College Humor Rank – 23

Is there anything more ridiculous than this? And when was it ever really cool? Like I cannot ever remember a moment where, at any point in my life, someone was absolutely thrilled to even get one of these. I feel like the tattoo removal business was started because of this specific location of tattoos…so in that regard, thank you stupid people for getting these and creating American jobs!




Wallet Chains

The Wallet Chain: College Humor rank – 21

Yea, because you had so much damn money as a 13 year old to warrant wearing a chain to prevent theft…





Ed Hardy ShirtsEd Hardy Tee Shirts: College Humor rank – 10

Could you ever imagine going into a store and picking out some of the bullshit that are printed on these shirts and think it is cool? An Eagle fighting a snake through a skull with the name Ed Hardy over the top of it is disgusting. I feel like Ed Hardy is the winner of some practical joke. Like he was the guy that the Scientology guy bet to see who could make the most money with the most ridiculous concept.




CrocsCrocs: College Humor rank – 2

I feel like Crocs get a bad rap as far as fashion. They clearly should not be worn in public at all. But they are OK to wear at, say, a cabin in the northwoods of Wisconsin. And that is only OK because my father has a pair.





Anyone Wearing UggsUggs: College Humor rank – 15

Hey men, did you know how much Ugg boots cost?! They cost (and this is according to the Uggs website), for the standard, short boot, $135!!! Can you believe that?! Who pays that much money for something that looks so damn hideous? Oh, it gets better: The big furry ones, you know the ones I’m talking about, those cost $375! That is almost as much as my entire wardrobe costs. A 4 night Bahama cruise costs $250. A brand new PS3 costs $300. Two Fifty Yard line tickets at Lambeau Field in the lower bowl (section 119) for a Monday Night game cost $324. Those are just three things that are cheaper than those absolutely disgusting boots. I think the creator of Uggs must be in that “who can make the most money off the most ridiculously stupid thing” bet with Ed Hardy and the dude that created Scientology. Which one of those three is winning?!

There you have it. What do you guys think? What else should be on this list?

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