Top 5 People That Loved The Touchdown Call More Than the Seahawks!

So there is a ton of uproar and people saying they will never watch the NFL again and blah blah blah. Please, those same people will be watching it again soon as those pregame shows start on Sunday morning and they are wondering who to start between Chris Johnson and Peyton Hillis on their terrible fantasy teams. The fact is, the NFL is a machine and this will not stop them. Not right now anyway. The reason is because people WON’T actually stop watching. People are still buying the gear and posting about it on facebook. The NFL was the lead story on multiple news channels this morning. Is it bad publicity? Is there such a kind? Everyone will talk and talk and talk and post and post and post about last night’s ending to the game, and then next week tune in to see what happens to the Packers and Seahawks and the ratings will probably go up rather than down. Here are the top 5 people that loved last night’s call more than the Seahawks:

5. Vikings, Bears and Lions fans – Everyone agrees it was a bad call. Everyone agrees they looked at it and still made the wrong call. But everyone still is laughing. If any Packer’s fan is actually worried about being in last place after week 3, then you need only look at who is in your division and who is in the entire NFC. I mean sure, you got 1/16th of your season robbed and the rest of then NFC North will take that, but IT IS WEEK THREE!

4. Social Media – Holy cow was last night fun to sit and watch. Facebook probably made back a huge percentage of all that money it lost on the open trade market! Everyone and their mother (literally, people’s mothers too) had an opinion about last night. If everyone and their mother was honestly sitting and home watching a game between the Packers and Seahawks anyway, doesn’t that just show the power of the NFL?

3. Anyone Still Needing a Halloween Costume Idea – A replacement ref that makes bad decisions all night is now going to be the hottest costume idea of the year.

2. The NFL – People are talking about us right? Our ratings are through the roof right? People are still betting on our games right? Everyone still is in a fantasy league right? Our website has more hits today than it did in the previous 2 weeks combined due to this one play right? Ok, we are good. Thank’s.

1. Ed Hochuli and the ‘real’ Refs – Has there ever been a group of people worse at what they do in a stronger position than these guys? I mean these guys have been blamed for every single loss of every single game ever. People HATE these guys. And all of a sudden we need them back. WE ARE DESPERATELY CALLING FOR THEM BACK! Here is the reason these NFL ref’s will get their money summed up in a conversation I had with a friend of mine:

“Dude, It is so funny how everyone thinks the old refs will just come back and not stink. They have always stunk too. It is like people forgot how much…”

“Yea, but those ref’s knew how to stink effectively.”

Basically, this was the GREATEST thing to happen to the real referees. They are smiling just like Golden Tate who has become a star overnight. The ref’s will be back soon enough. Or will they? If you all of a sudden got a boost in the power struggle category, would you ask for more? I would LOVE to see these negotiations. It will be a fun week.

See everyone Sunday for week 4!

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