Top 5 Reasons Paint-balling is Awesome!

I got popped right between the eyes. Nice photo-bomb by friend of the website Nic Thorson!

My friends and I are about to go paint-balling this weekend. Paint-balling is a sport where you reenact a war time scenario or battle but instead of using real guns, you use guns that fire little paint balls. When you get hit, the paint explodes symbolizing that you are out!

I never went paint-balling before I moved out to California, but with the help of some of those living social type deals, I have gone a number of times since. It is an absolute blast. Here are five reasons why the sport is awesome:

5. Exercise – Are you someone looking for a good work out to offset a Sunday of watching football? Get up off the couch or off that stupid treadmill and grab a gun! You will be running through trenches, up and down mounds, and through wooded areas all the while being shot at. Oh, did you run a mile in 5 minutes? I bet you that time would be 4 minutes if you had people shooting at you the entire way. I personally get exhausted from playing this, in the best possible way.

4. You look cool- Seriously, you look awesome in all the gear. It is a real stylish sport. Wearing body armor and face masks is badass…at least in a controlled area. Down on the streets of Hollywood, maybe not so much…

3. Doesn’t hurt that much – There is a huge stigma about paint balls blasting out at like 600 feet per second and just shattering bones and bruising skin. Paint-balls do not hurt that much. Some of them, as a matter of fact, do no hurt at all. Sure, there is a possibility of getting hit in the neck or something like that, but the chances are so small since everything *should* be covered. If you get hit in anything that is covered with clothing, you will be fine. The mind set is sort of like football though…you just never know until you get hit for the first time…

2. Team Work – There is probably no better team building game. Screw hiring one of those “team specialists” companies hire to build team work and morale. Take your crew paint-balling  throw them in the middle of a desert course with debris everywhere and tell them to take control of the bus in the middle of the field. Janice from the office will find out really fast what she is made of because cowering in the corner does you no favors…There is also nothing more rewarding that when your team finally does break through and seize the target aimed for or capture a flag. For that moment, if only for that moment, you get the feeling of being a part of something better than working alone.

1. Your face hurts…from smiling so damn much – Daniel Tosh once said, “Money cannot buy you happiness? Please, money can buy a jet-ski. Have you ever been on a jet-ski  Try and frown while riding a jet-ski.” The concept here is similar. Try to not have fun while running through trenches, taking cover behind some hay bails, running to a bus to take it over, throwing a paint grenade, raining fire down on people in a wooded area while you are up on top of a ridge, or yelling surrender at the top of your lungs at a guy you snuck up behind. You just can’t do it. It is way too much fun.

You can’t tell, but this guy is smiling!

Have any great paint-balling stories? Share them here! If you have never been, I strongly suggest it! Enjoy this video done by friend of the site Sam Mark:

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