Update: Top 5 Reasons Paint-balling is Awesome!

Remember last Friday when I posted this:

3. Doesn’t hurt that much – There is a huge stigma about paint balls blasting out at like 600 feet per second and just shattering bones and bruising skin. Paint-balls do not hurt that much. Some of them, as a matter of fact, do no hurt at all. Sure, there is a possibility of getting hit in the neck or something like that, but the chances are so small since everything *should* be covered. If you get hit in anything that is covered with clothing, you will be fine. The mind set is sort of like football though…you just never know until you get hit for the first time…

Well, I would like to update that. See, when you play with rental guns and you play AGAINST other rental guns, the paint ball experience is completely painless. It is actually one of the most fun things you can do for around $30 total. HOWEVER, If you want to play with real paint balls and the big boys, this is what happens…and THIS actually does hurt. So, the update would be, “Stick to beginner games if you are playing for fun. Then it doesn’t hurt.”


I feel like Johnny Knoxville did after taking that shot gun bean bag to the stomach…just a whole lot less wealthy…


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