Top 5 Reasons Dexter Will Be Good This Year!

The show Dexter has turned in some absolutely brilliant seasons and episodes of television, and then some real stinkers too. After watching the first episode last Sunday night, here are five reasons why this season will be the former, not the latter:

5. Masuka – Dude is only in about 2% of any given episode, but he still delivers dirty, raunchy lines of solid gold that make the show have a comedic factor. He breaks the monotony of Dexter and the heaviness of all the situations the characters are in. And, unlike point number 4, he is funny.

4. Deb is serious – No more lame groups of swear words strung together to try and make a funny moment. Those were never all that funny to begin with. You know what is better? Letting Deb be serious and figure out where she is in her life, what she wants out of life, make her deal with her issues, and let her try to come to terms with what her brother (and possbile lover) has done and continues to do.

3. Angel and Quinn – This pair of guys can be serious, but also super funny in a weird sort of way. The clearly care for one another, but not so much that they wont beat the shit out of one another either. Quinn is clearly having some issues going from the badass to trying to be engaged, to losing everything, and Angel is already at the point where he has basically lost everything. So good for them, nothing better than seeing two people using each other to climb out of rock bottom.

2. The Intern – This kid is going to turn out being pretty cool I think. A serial killer who hunts serial killers? Is that this dudes gig? Who knows for sure, but I like him. He could end up being the best killer since Trinity…that is, if he even is a killer…

1. Deb and Dexter – This relationship is now strained and awfully messed up. Do they love each other? Can they love each other? If Deb knows what Dexter is, how does she cope? Can she still love him? And what will Dexter do? Finally lose himself and just kill everyone? How can they still be cops if they both know he kills everyone? I have zero answers to any of these, but I am pretty sure that Dexter will probably get out of whatever hot water he is in…The show isn’t called Debra, its called Dexter. If Dexter has to kill Deb, could he? It will be fun to find out!

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