Top 5 Things About the 2012 Baseball Season!

There was so much that happened since April 5th, 2012. People  were born, people died, people got married, people lost jobs, people got new jobs, and of course, through it all, there was one constant: Baseball. Here is a list of the top 5 things to happen this year!

5. The Washington Nationals – Seriously, good for DC! This team has been trying and trying, and finally they broke through. They did it with home grown talent as well as free agent acquisitions and trades. This is a wonderfully built team and I really am rooting for them. This team, however, clearly thinks it will just always be where they are. They shut down their (second best?) all star pitcher in Steven Strassburg hoping that it would reduce the chance of injury…I hope he comes back in the playoffs to dominate! What a story that would be!

This says it all for the Nationals this year!

4. The Oakland A’s – Moneyball II! This little scrappy team was never in first place until yesterday, joining the 2006 Minnesota Twins and the 1951 Giants as the only teams to never be in first place until the last day of the season. They were five games back just 10 days ago! All this team did was win…well, at least after the all star break. After trading away three all star pitchers, Billy Beane and the A’s were written off this year. That is, until, all those pieces he got back started to play…and play super well. The A’s won 7 games this year when trailing by four or more. This team will be fun to watch in the playoffs if they can stay scrappy. Just remember, if Moneyball taught us anything, it is that a plan put into motion 162 times might work most of the time, but a plan put into action on any given day might not work. I hope the best for this team.

It has been a really good year to be an Oakland A and Billy Beane.

3. Matt Cain’s Perfect Game – Baseball has been around for over 100 years. There have only been 23 perfect games. Two were thrown this past year. Felix Hernandez threw one this year as well, but this post belongs to Matt Cain. June 13th was supposed to just be a normal night, but then all of a sudden something started to happen in the Bay area. There was a buzz around facebook and texts. Something was happening with Matt Cain. When you turned on the game to watch it, there was buzz, electricity about. The stadium was sold out for a game against the Astros, and Matt Cain was tossing a perfect game. Of course, Matt Cain would go on to throw the perfect game, but everyone knows that no good pitching outing is complete without great defense behind him. Gregor Blanco provided just that with an insane diving catch! Congrats to you Matty Cain, thank you for the memories and the fantasy points!

Adam Raised a Matt Cain!

2. Miguel Cabrera – This guy can play. If you remember, I put him on my list of favorite players that were not on my favorite team (I am a Twins fan). This guy is so good, in fact, that he has done something that hasnt been done in 45 years. FORTY FIVE YEARS! Back in 1967, The Doors first album just came out, the Beatles Release Sgt. Peppers, the Cardinals beat the Red Sox in the World series, and Lyndon B Johnson was our president. That was the last time someone hit for the triple crown, which is exactly what Miggy did this year. He lead his league in batting average (.330), Home runs (44) and runs batted in (139). What an amazing feat. Well done Miggy, a tip of my cap to you.

I tip my cap to you Miggy. Next year, cool off a little maybe?

1. Jered Weaver’s No Hitter – How does this top everything else? Well, I have to say I am a little biased. It wasn’t because Weaver smoked the Twins that night or because he was on my fantasy team, the reason this tops the list is because I WAS THERE! I got to see Jared Weaver throw a no hitter! It is one of the coolest sports memories of my young life (Twins beating the Tigers in 163, Favre breaking the TD record against the Vikings are up there as well). So yes, someday if I am lucky enough to have kids, I will be the dad who gets to tell his kid that I was there for a no hitter, and I got to see it and feel that energy that comes with it. Thank you for the memories Jered. Video here.

I am pretty sure I did this exact same thing when I was there.


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  1. Stu

     /  October 4, 2012

    We had 3 perfect games this year.


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