Friends, Family, and Fivers,

I work in the television industry out in Los Angeles. It is a tough industry, one that is pretty cutthroat and tends to follow the dollar instead of produce solid, watchable, fun content. There are COUNTLESS examples of that.

There has also been a HUGE resurgence in the nerd department of things. In fact, for the first time in maybe everyone’s lives, it is  cool to be a nerd. Not only is it cool to be a nerd, people that are not nerds want to pretend to be nerds! And original nerds that were probably made fun of in high school now get to show their nerd colors. My dad, for instance, has Star Trek toys on his office desk. Good for you dad.

With the nerd renascence, there have been some amazing TV shows produced in the past couple of years. Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, and Game of…

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