Baseball Playoffs! Who Ya’ Got!?

This is the single best time to be a sports fan. The NFL has started, Basketball is coming back, the NHL *SHOULD* be coming back, and of course, the Baseball playoffs start!

They have a lot to be smiling about in Baltimore and Oakland, two teams that were not even given a shot to compete this year. Both teams made it. Oakland won their division on the last day of the season ripping the title from Texas and Baltimore finished off Texas by beating them in a one game playoff.

The Yankees and Tigers now wait for those two teams. New blood vs seasoned veterans. Like Bart Scott once said, “CAN’T WAIT!”

The NL is a little different. The Cardinals, last years winners, got in after playing a controversial game, one that was put under protest by the Braves after a terrible call by an out field umpire. The Nationals have never made the post season before and are good, but are playing without (at least for now) their best pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

The Giants have been here many times before, but is Timmy Lincecum up for the challenge and can they score enough runs this time around? And then there are the Reds. The Reds seem to have everything; arms, bats, bullpen…which usually means they will exit in three games.

So, the important question to ask yourself is: WHO YA’ GOT!? Pick who is going to go to the World Series!

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